Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Much Less Than a 1000

In my last post, I mentioned fabric density to square footage. I cited about 1000 feet for Fabric of Vision. Well, I was so wrong. I asked Sandi just how big her shop was and was told somewhere around 600-700+- square feet. Can you hear the fabric getting more dense? ;) So, while I was there I decided to give the new camera a work out and take some pics of this cozy gem of a shop.

Outside in the window there is usually something bright and graphic. Whatever it is, it doesn't last long. These strawberries lasted maybe a week. Some are coming home with me!

As you enter, the table of ribbons and pretty notions, often times a display of some wonderful garment that is part of artist display from First Friday.
Behind the table, rolls and rolls of linens, cottons, hemps and silks right to the front of the store.

Turn to the left and these are the things you'll see as you traverse the 13 foot wide store.

Quilting fabrics, and part of Delaney, FOV newest employee.

And on to the back of the store, more quilting fabrics, many organic, the brick wall again has bolts of fashion fabrics, this time wools and wool blends. The far wall with it's book shelves and thread shelves and yes, under neath, more fabric!

Turn to the right from the entrance and you'll see yet more fabric and of course sunlight pouring in from the front window.

Another table and shelf filled with trims and ribbons and just fun stuff in jars. Somewhere around the shop are small bolts of different types of feathers ,fringe and laces.

And finally, the front of the shop from inside.

The quilts on display were amazing. Here are a few snaps of them.

and yes, that is Sandi, busy working on a sweater repair.

So, there is the nickel tour!

Parting shot: Stella, hackles up and on the reverse!


  1. Sigh....I am so jealous of your fabric store. I guess Haberman's is kind of like that...but it's pretty upscale (read: expensive).

    So, what are you sewing?

  2. One of my favorite fabric stores. Even I, a lowly strapped for cash art student, didn't escape. I fell in love with a pattern that they had made up into a sample dress. It is presently cut out and patiently waiting for me to get sewing on it. We shall see how it looks on me. I know they sew those samples in the teeniest sizes that look soooo cute on the manikins. I have to go a long way to find such a nice fabric store now. Thanks for the tour!

  3. What a fun place to spend some $$$. That could be dangerous! Stella would love to spend some time in that shop!

  4. What a great tour of FOV. Sandi has done amazing magic in that space. I always find something special and now that my skills are improving, I believe I'll shop there more often. Cute pic of your tough terrier...are there 2 of them there?

  5. I could go into a place like that and never come out! At first I thought those were prints on the walls, but quilts! Absolutely fantastic.

    I hope good fabric shops don't go by the wayside. When our local Walmart moved to a new location (not that I like buying fabric at Walmart), they did away with their bolts and sell only prepacked 2 yard sections of fabric. We do have a Hobby Lobby, but in town, that's it. :(

  6. Love the photos and tour! It has been ages since I found my way to the shop but fingers crossed I can sneak away from the sewing room soon to see Sandi!

  7. Valerie, I've ordered some indy patterns from Haberman's. Looks like a wonderful place. All good fabric stores are expensive. Quality comes at a pretty dear price these days esp. in fabrics, but it is so worth it. Cotton has really climbed in price and so hasn't shipping, so getting the goods can add up quick.

    Renee, it is a treasure to have such a wonderful shop so close. Addictive too! ;)

    LA, How did you know how many dollar signs to put???? It is a fab place and admittedly, my WAM ( walking around money) almost always ends up there.

    Mary, ANYTIME you're heading over the mountain, you give a holler. I'm always game for FOV visit. Good eye, that blur in front is Pogo the Chiwawa, getting moved out of the way. It's so hard to get use to the new camera and movement. I'm struggling with it.

    Ah Leigh, yes, and when you do come out you can bet it will be with a big bag or two.

    mrsmole, the same goes for you. Anytime you can tear away....

  8. Wow, how cool to have such an inspiring space nearby. Jealous.