Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moose & Squirrel

 Well, not quite, but how about Deer & Fox? Over the last week or so we have spied a lovely Grey Fox. His head is a beautiful bright red rust, fading out to an impossible mix of silver grey ending with a black tip to his, or hers, perfect tail. We've enjoyed our brief sightings as he travels through our property. We also have deer in hefty numbers this year so it was no surprise that I spied one from my bedroom deck. What was surprising was her behavior. She was stomping and snorting and acting not at all docile. Then I caught a glimpse of silver. I thought it might be Juno, but no, it was the fox and he too was  flabbergasted at the does behavior. He wanted to stand his ground, in fact I think he might have even been baiting her just a little, but then decided to continue on as if this encounter never happened. The minute he turned and trotted off, he suddenly had a pissed off doe on his tail and the two broke into a noisy chase through our woods. I imagine he made his escape and 5 minutes later the doe was back to her usual grazing self.

 We suspect a fawn or two near-by. It's about time up here for them to start hitting the ground.

In other news the riding has been grand. The rides themselves have been slow and steady to condition us both, but getting out and about has been a treat for all. Dogs needing baths have been bathed and those with pesky long winter coats have been clippered down to summer lengths. It always amazes me how much fur comes off of one small dog. Doubly amazed at how profusely Jack Russell's shed. I swear I have short white hairs embedded in just about everything.

The sewing room has been busy. Valerie had asked what I was sewing a week or so ago. Mostly summer tops and mostly new patterns. I was inspired by a book I picked up. Shape Shape.  Simple patterns with some very clever ideas. Of course these Japanese pattern books are no where near sized for American bodies and certainly not mine, ( their large equals our size 6-8) but there are some great ideas I can take and copy or easily size up. So, I took a free Colette Sorbetto pattern and added an attached scarf a la
Shape Shape.

 It uses about a yard of fabric and the scarf can be of favorite scraps if you choose.
 Then I tried the Folded Shrug right from the book.

 I didn't need to make it as wide as I did, nor as long, but it was a great way to use a final scrap of brown linen from my living room curtain project and it's fun to wear.

 A new Marcy Tilton/Vogue pattern (8813) was the next challenge. This is her take on a french house dress.

 I made it hard on myself by using two very different fabrics, one as an overlay, but the resulting tunic is cute and unique.

 Cool and loose so perfect for warm mornings spent shopping at the local farmer's market.

 After all that new I needed a comforting familiar pattern and dragged out Burda 7220. I think this really is my favorite shirt pattern and it was only fitting I use it on some favorite fabric.

 I did trick it out using the pretty selvage, printed with Japanese kanji and of course the color dots. Using an idea from Shape Shape, I made a detachable pocket too. Snaps on, snaps off. How cool is THAT!

 In fact so cool, I used the same idea on a new Kwik Sew pattern  I'm doing a test run on with my Mom in mind.

I don't like hoods so I modified mine to be a shawl collar. I suspect my Mother will want the hood but not the pocket.

We'll see. It is a wonderful pattern though, easy, quick and quite comfortable. I've got this one earmarked for riding wear, now I just need to find some dark inexpensive fabrics. So that's what's a happening in the sewing lounge!

Of course it's not ALL glamour. We pulled the horse trailer/donkey shelter out from the wee ones paddock and I have to clean it from top to bottom this weekend. Oh joy......

Parting shot: Toilet Paper rolls, one of Robin's guilty pleasures.


  1. Your level of productivity amazes me!! Cute tops! Love the detachable pocket idea.

  2. Lots of sewing going on at your place...and some mighty fine tops to show for it!!! That reminds me that I haven't sewn for awhile (except for hemming place mats!) Enjoy those rides!

  3. I love how you use classic shapes and elevate them with cunning little details.I'm a little scared of that Vogue, but I love yours so much- I think I'll give it a try.

  4. Oh, I love the work you have featured here. The french house dress is so pretty as a tunic and I like the mix of fabrics. Let's go riding when I get back from Sisters!!

  5. That must be so neat to see the wildlife coming by! Nice summer sewing that you're doing and I like the addition of a scarf. I saw someone with a lovely colorwash silk scarf on the other day and I thought that would be a great addition to my wardrobe.
    Ah, the lure of tp. We had a cat who would unroll it and drag it down the hall. Every day. It was sort of funny....

  6. Sheesh, I feel like a slacker over here when I see what you've gotten done. Love that peach tunic - didn't like it as a dress when I saw it in person at Sewing Expo but it's an adorable tunic.

    Friend in Applegate saved a fawn from a fox - it was starting to carry it away, she ran and stopped it, Mom came back for the doe and all was well.

  7. We too have the doe and fawn season going on. The other morning a fawn boinked through the electric fence, not more than two days old. No mom in sight. It wound up in the sheep barn, scared to death! We scooped it up, it bleated a lot and we took it back to where we hoped Mom would hear it. It scampered off in the right direction at least.
    Your work is magic! You are one busy seamstress!

  8. Robin even looks guilty, LOL. I'm finding deer tracks all over the place here. The dogs barking seem not to phase them in the least. I have to agree with Valerie about your productivity. Amazing!

  9. Valerie, it is such a clever idea that pocket. The simple ones always are!

    LA, Thank you, I was surprised at how much I had sewn. I even forgot one..

    Prrtynpnk- Go for it. The only "hard" things about that top was the shirring, which might be made easier by doing it before sewing into the garment( leave the seam allowance shirr free) and hemming.

    Mary, have fun in Sisters!

    Judy, Puppyhood has always brought out the fascination with TP, but who knew the rolls were the past time of adults! ;)

    Cindie, you are a lot of things, all of them talented but never a slacker.
    Nice friend, with the deer numbers up here, cute as they are, I would have let the fox have his/her way. Far as I can tell, deer eat my plants and trees, fox eat rodents..

    Nancy, no lost babies are another matter all together assuming I find them...;) Magic work, nawwww, you just get faster the more you do.

    Leigh, Doesn't he though....Our deer are rarely scared by the dogs barking either. In fact I often go out to scare them and am rewarded with a few leaps and then back to the eating at hand. I need to get scarier I guess.