Monday, June 18, 2012

One is Never Enough

Disclaimer: While it may appear there is only one available Timmy, let me assure you readers, that there are really multiple Timmy's available. Eight to be exact, although red Timmy has taken a powder somewhere.......


  1. For some reason Blogger won't show me the first three photos! Wah! I get it though and had to laugh. Our Kody is a real tease when it comes to toys. Kris takes certain toys more seriously, like the silly stuffed toy caterpillar I got for a quarter at the thrift store. That belongs to Kris thank you very much. But oh does Kody love to grab it first and tease him with it.

  2. wonderful images! our happy Luna sheltie would love such a playmate. Instead she gets the overbearing, hates-to-play, Kalie! Maybe three would be better!

  3. The best Timmy is the one that is currently being played with!

  4. Dogs need so little to be happy.
    ('ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award...see my blog for more info.)

  5. Love this post. Have a happy yet tired smile as I head to bed. Pats all 'round and hope red Timmy comes out of hiding soon.
    Cheers! -Renee