Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Belated Bow Tied Birthday Boy!

On April 28th 2012 I was no where near home to celebrate Robin's 1st birthday, but
on my morning phone call I reminded Gene and there were frozen fresh cheese biscuits just waiting for the event. I'm told it was all good. But of course, there was no birthday shoot either. Lucky me though, on a weekend trip to the market mile of antiques in Brimfield MA ( more on this next post) I found the perfect birthday boy accessory, a vintage silk bow tie collar. So yesterday, we had "Second Birthday" much like second breakfast ;) and while Robin doesn't quite have his sisters chops when it comes to posing, he has his own roguish charms in front of the camera. Just wait until he's two!!!

In other news, the horses and donkeys all fared well in my absence. In fact, the horses all look a bit pudgy now that the winter coats have been shed. It wasn't all hair....We've been riding almost daily and I'm hoping to have at least the two older boys in good shape by the end of June.

The Hollandia has been dusted off and I've started in weaving again on the towel warp.
The sewing machines have been uncovered and Gene picked up the Pfaff 1171 from it's month plus spa treatment on the way to pick me up at the airport. We all came home together! I have to say, while MA is rich in lobster and other wonders, it is a fabric wasteland. My first trip into town included a good long visit at Fabric of Vision to peruse what had arrived ( and sometimes just about gone) in the 5 weeks I was AWOL.
A fair amount of good stuff came home with me too. One of these days (read soon!), I am going to grab pictures of the 1000 + -sq. foot shop and it's fabric and ribbon density! Here are the lovely selections.

There has also been some sewing going on. The quilt is quilted. Nothing fancy, I started with 4 inch vertical channels and then quilted large chevron lines.

The sticky batting was interesting to work with. It is thicker than anything I've ever used but it also held together without pinning, so I think it's a winner for me. It's onto the binding. My least favorite part of quilting as evidenced by the two other quilts that have been hanging around for years waiting for that last step. Time Monday has been set aside for at least getting the binding made.

A first attempt at a New Look pattern,

a simple V necked tunic using a fabric blend of cotton, something, something and likely nylon.

It was a challenge to work with this fiber, but now has received the sleeves and is ready for summer wear. Just perfect over a tank or cami.

Parting shots: So Princely.
Not so Princely.


  1. Doesn't he look dapper in his bow tie!!!! I know they were all glad that you returned home. Now, it's back to fiber pursuits and fun!

  2. LOVE the bow tie. It was Timber's birthday on Thursday and I was really disappointed that I couldn't locate his party hat or his bow tie in time for a quick bday snapshot. This reminds me to spend some time looking today!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Robin! Your bow tie is very handsome. You are handsome no matter what angle Mom shoots the picture from '-)

  4. What a handsome 1 year old Robin makes with that tie!

    So, question on the sticky batting - how does it work as you're quilting? Does the needle get gummed up at all? It sounds intriquing.

  5. Nice to have you back! I'll bet you were missed immensely by all. I think I was absent the whole time you were back east. Love that prince of yours.