Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Feet High and Rising

Finally, a real honest to god winter storm. This is what we usually get in early January.
Talk about a delay! The forecasters were spot on with it too. The flurries started yesterday afternoon right around 3:00p.m. The wind gusts were hitting close to 40 MPH and the temps stabilized at the mid 20's. I'm not gonna guess what the wind chill made it feel like, but at 4:00 both Gene and I went out to blanket up the mini's before they got too wet or cold. He baled and went back to the house, I stayed out to do last minute checks, feed and snug up my barn and tractor as best I could. It felt good having the new little stall barn close to the hay barn. Worse case I can hand carry hay to it, a portion at a time. Also it gives me great piece of mind knowing they have a fairly secure area to brave the weather. From the tracks around the paddock this morning I would have to say, they did stay in the shelter a fair amount of the time.

The view at 8:30 p.m. last night on the last out for the dogs.

This morning I was greeted by two feet of light powder. The high winds had laid down over night but they are still skulking around waiting to wake up and blow through the day. Bob the tractor was, as always, dependable even though we were going through drifts well over his chassis. On mornings like this his steady diesel hum is soothing and appreciated. He coos that we can get through anything should we have to and I believe him.

Stella is happy I had the foresight to go round up stray and lost Timmy's. When the snow is this deep we don't allow her to take them out. There is nothing so heart wrenching as seeing her cold and shivering, barking and crying in the snow looking for those damn balls. I learned that lesson last year.

Robin on the other hand is perfectly fine with a warm bed and nylabone. No human intervention needed.

Today, I'm going to hang out and watch the snow fly, a little weaving, a little sewing, a little cooking and certainly some ball tossing.

Parting shot: Look into my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Now toss the ball, toss the ball, toss the ball


  1. You finally got the Winter that you had been waiting for!!!! It looks like a good day to stay in and enjoy your hobbies (and pups!)

  2. Brr...if you need the moisture, it's better late than never.

    We have ice....started at 2:30 AM with ice pelting the windows. Hoping it doesn't cause power outages.

    Ah Robin is a sensible pooch!

  3. I really miss that kind of snow. We sure don't get that in Tennessee.

  4. Boy, you sure did get a good snow! Sounds like you are going to have a great day, with all of your projects going and doggies warm and inside. :)

  5. Jealous of your snow but we did get 5 inches about a week ago that lasted all of one day. 2 days after it was 80 degrees. I guess you won't get that where you are...

  6. Woohoo!! Don't you just love good winter storms? It's snowing here and I have a big grin on my face:-)
    Stay warm, all of you....