Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can it Get Any More Dreary?

Well, this is Oregon and it is late winter, so the answer is yes, but not much. It just seems worse since we have had a pretty dry cold and clear winter. Regardless, this past week and weekend the weather has been nap worthy. And yes, I have napped. Training actually! :) Teaching young dogs the benefits of napping is almost a requirement. Stella and Robin are working on becoming champion nappers. Of course this is after a 30 minute period of being the twin terrors, sticking nylabones or balls in my face. Then (when that doesn't rouse me to join in), using my poor prone body as vantage point for jumping on each other and in general making pests of themselves. But when they tuck in and get down to the business at hand, they snooze like Rip Van Winkle himself.

In our non -Rip moments, we have managed to get the Julia loom threaded up and ready for sleying, a towel finished and another started on the Hollandia warp and some thinking time in on the warp for the coat contrast fabric. In fact a lot of time on that. Looking at the two yarns with sparkle I noticed that they don't want you to iron them. This poses a problem as the collar really needs to be steamed and rolled into shape. I suspect I can do most of this carefully with a press cloth and some elbow grease on a slightly cooler than wool setting, but it has made me adjust what I am going to do as far as proportions of sparkle. Less is better so the weft will be mostly the plain but very soft and pretty ShiBui Staccato. Really the coat fabric has plenty o' sparkle all on it's own. I hope to get to the warping board with it all on Saturday.

I've tried out a couple new patterns and put away the Burda 7220. I can't believe how much I love this pattern. I did one more top out of it before folding it up and filing it for a little while. Since I loved the pattern it was only fitting I used a fabric I adored. The much coveted Stella print.

Why the heck should 10 year olds have all the fun? Who says we adults can't have fun with our prints once in a while?

The fashion police have bigger fish to fry in Ashland, believe me! There is nothing so entertaining than a small college town for interesting outfits. I've often thought of taking the camera to town with me, but then I think that some parent may stumble upon my site, see their child and maybe question why they are paying through the nose for said childs education.

Vogue 1247 is a well drafted, fun pattern to make, thrifty on the fabric too, but just didn't work for me style wise.

I used a sale fabric I had bought specifically for muslins so no loss stash wise. It's wearable, it's okay and will make a fine summer barn top but I won't be making it again.

On the other hand, The Sewing Workshop Tosca dress is turning out to be a winner.

It's not quite done but I enjoyed wearing the half sewn garment for a few moments yesterday when I did the try on. The pleated pockets took up the most time on this so far, but make the dress. It's so hard to capture any detail in this red fabric, but the link to the pattern will give you an idea of the cool pleated pockets. The Sewing Workshop also has a gallery where you can see just about all the patterns made up by SW and others. I've cut mine much shorter to be a tunic and I think I still need to take off some length, but I love it. I'm using a wonderful drapey linen and rayon blend. It has nice body and is a joy to work with. I also opted not to do the high pockets, although, I think I would like them on another edition of this pattern.

I need to finish this up and get to the two other cut patterns I have waiting before I'll start in on a new batch. Over the winter I have ruined two pairs of pants and a 3rd looks pretty worn. I'm hard on my clothes. I need to whip up a couple of pairs for my trip back east in April. I like to honor all those lobsters I'm going to consume by dressing well. ;)

The word in farm news is MUD. Yes, it is the same every spring, but is it nice to have a place to tuck the boys for feeding that is reasonably dry and not ankle sucking mud to slosh through to get their hay to them. I have only to go to the front windows, pull the hay containers out, fill them and then slip them back through to those waiting soft noses. The stalls have settled a bit and the very fronts do flood a tad, but come drier weather we'll build the stall floors up and fully mat them.

I have had to find a new farrier. Morgan, who has done my guys for 10 years, has moved out of the area. He was hoping to make it back for some customers every two months or so, but it's not happening. We're trying a new guy, highly recommended.
He'll be coming up March 5th and boy, everyone really needs a trim.

Parting shot: Snow Day-Last of the series. Happiness is a warm tractor hood.


  1. You gotta love that red fabric!!! How can you go wrong with Stella and Robin jumping around on your shirt???

  2. Ah..the Stella imitating life or vice versa?!

    I know what you mean by nap time. If I settle in, the cat finds me and proceeds to purr and knead me until I no longer feel like a rest. Only then does she curl up on my stomach and sleep like the dead. sigh.

  3. I can see why you love the Stella fabric! It will bring a grin to your face every time you wear it.

  4. All your projects brought a smile to my morning.

  5. So many great projects, I'm jealous of your productivity. I can't wear my 1247 without a cardigan or something, the shape is odd on me!

  6. LA, Yes, I do love it. My favorite color may be green, but I love wearing red.

    Valerie, Art imitating life for sure. Someone who owns JRT no doubt dreamed this print up. I won't even get into the dang cat. I swear he never learns that I am not fond of having my feet slept on.

    Judy, I wore it to town yesterday and funny enough, all the dog people I know recognized the twin terrors on it. :)

    Mary, good! Your most recent project is quite something wonderful too!

    Prtynpnk, if I worked outside the home I wouldn't be half as productive in fiber pursuits, believe me. I know exactly what you mean about the cut on that 1247, roomy with those pleats on top and then like a funnel straight down. Few of us don't benefit from some flare around the hip area, esp. with this top to balance the volume on top. I cut the V neck smaller BTW, but it's still an awfully big loose V.

  7. I like the Vogue pattern. I would wear something like that! Ok, if I took the time to sew, which I probably wouldn't, since I'm busy knitting a vest - making it up as I go...

    It's hard to find good farriers. Fortunately, a good one was recommended to me, who came Friday to do Tang's neglected feet. He called her "Bigfoot" and enjoyed her!