Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wrap it Up

The mixed green wool warp is cut off, finished and was all wrapped up in it's own little
silk pouch for birthday giving yesterday. Yes, a birthday! I wanted to show the pretty mixed warp off so, I said it was for me. I would have liked to have kept it too, but it was destined for another who's favorite color is also green!

I hate wrapping things, and as a result, have very little in the way of handy wrapping paper, but I do have fabric and this woven piece was pretty enough for it's own little bag. I've had this leftover silk for upwards of 20 years. It is a scrap from a very beautiful kimono I made for some one. This was what I had used for the lining.

So into a little long clutch it went with flower trim and a blue ribbon to tie it all together.

And here is the woven piece.

I liked the addition of velvet along one edge. It gives it weight to stay put and has a nice waterfall effect. The person this was going to is fun, artistic and unconventional so having different non-traditional finishing on one end was added interest.

I loved it, and I was sure she would too. The package was rounded out by some fun, hearty beers and chocolate.

Since I was under the gun to get this done, there hasn't been much sewing, but I did get a test run done in this psychedelic mushroom fabric. It actually was a pretty good match when it was all done and quite fun

The pattern worked but I can make it better. I'm taking the small side bust darts and changing them to french darts, giving the front a bit more shape and contour. Fit for a Queen gave me the link to this site as a tutorial on just how to do it. THANK YOU!

In farm news, I decided to get Nick out for some ground work. Well, it looked like Nick but at the end of the long line it was really a big black hairy dragon, snorting fire and sparks coming from his hooves. To say he was a little hot would be an understatement. I had many words to describe his attitude in a sentence, but the only one I can print here would be snot. A term usually reserved for ponies only practicing bad behavior. Needless to say, at the end of the 45 minute session we were both out of breath and dripping in sweat. He got a cooler blanket thrown on and a good long walk. Quite docile I might add! I got a sit down in the comfy chair and a cold beer afterwards. One thing was sure, I have been feeding like it's winter and it isn't. Everyone got cut down on grain (and I don't feed a lot to begin with) and the hay amounts are looking more like spring and summer than fall and winter. Everyone is going to do some time on the long line each week.

Parting shot: Toenail trimming? Oh, I don't think so......
Is every one around here spitting fire???


  1. Oh, that wrap is so pretty. I love the celadon color. As for animals-I am going to do a bit of sewing and then go ride Woodrow. Perhaps I should do some long line work first? Last time I worked him, he did his "cocky trot". Tail up, head up, nose out, snorting and beautiful elevation. Fun to watch, awful to ride. Finally, toenails. My trick with Nick is to wrap him in his blanket, hold him in my lap and clip one foot at a time. He doesn't snort fire though...mostly just hides and whimpers.

  2. The wrap is beautiful, lucky birthday friend! Spitting fire toe nail trimming, I seem to have that same problem around here.

  3. Mary, We've tried the towel and muzzle and both and believe me, the easiest is to bring him to the vet and let them mess with him!
    Hope you had a great ride, cocky trot or not, the weather certainly has been very un winter like.
    I wish the camera would do a better job with those greens, there were so many in there and it was a nice piece of weaving. Thank you!

    Thistle Rose, I have 6 good dogs when it comes to nails, well Jack may growl a bit but it's more in protest than serious. Charlotte just pulls her paws away making a second person a must, but Pogo has been the bane of my nail trimming efforts. He's small, quick and has a bad back so really putting him into a strong hold is problematic. Chi's can be nasty little pieces of work and he has that streak in him. Gene loves the little snot and I will admit, he has many winsome qualities, but this is not one of them.

  4. Theresa,the gift is so beautiful and the way you wrapped it makes it even more so. It has been a bit of a strange year weather-wise and perhaps that makes us all a bit disgruntled. Your beer and chocolate remedy sounds like the best solution to me! Twill hates to have her nails trimmed too. She is so strong (and I am such a whimp when it comes to giving her discomfort of any kind) I can't trim her hard black nails without hurting her. I found a great nail trimmer the week before we moved in Medford at the do it yourself dog wash. She was so gentle and kept her trimmer sharp. Still looking for one here.

  5. The green wrap is gorgeous!! Love it! And the velvet trim is a beautiful touch!!!

    No comment on beer and chocolate....except to say that they're staples around here!!

    Toenails.....don't tell Bailey, but he's headed to the groomer to have his nails trimmed and feet groomed this week. He has always been a huge baby about his nails, and I am happy, happy, happy to pay some one to deal with them. (He's much better with other people than he is with us about it....he's definitely got us trained!)

    Love your silk wrapping paper too....and the fabulous mushroom shirt!


  6. What a great way to wrap such a special gift. The whole thing turned out really well!

  7. Renee, I make Gene take Pogo to the vet. She runs a special every Tuesday on nail trims, just walk in. He does better when we're not around. Fine with me if they just whisk him away and return him 5 minutes later.

    Sue, I won't tell Bailey, promise. Glad to hear beer and chocolates are in abundance in your household. I can claim one of those in plenty here, but I'm not a big chocolates fan. Look for that mushroom print fabric to show up again.

    Leigh, Thank you! It did turn out surprisingly well considering the difference in stretch factor between the many yarns used. Oh sometimes I do wish for a second warp beam