Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Verona

And it's way over due to be starting in on the Sewing Workshop Verona coat pattern.
The pieces of both coat and lining have been cut out and hanging for weeks on pant hangers in my closet, taunting me. I'm wondering why I waited so long?

The coat itself has gone together beautifully. This is how I spent most of my sewing time this past weekend. As always the SW patterns are excellent to work with. You may not like a style, but you can be assured they are well drafted, all the register marks and dots match up perfectly and the directions will walk you through what looks like a difficult construction.

The two piece sleeve went in like a charm. Something I worried about with this heavy coat fabric. In fact I don't think I've had a sleeve set as nicely as these did ever. And it's a nice roomy sleeve, one that won't bunch up a sweater in it like a lot of ready to wear coats. I couldn't be happier at this pre-lining point!

My only headache with this so far has been, of all things, the pockets. The wool is thick.
It's double woven with a smooth lighter side and a darker boucle side. The boucle is meant to be the "right" side but either could be used. I'm doing this in the boucle side. After doing the pocket and seeing in person the effect that was called for, I realized I could have done it differently and cut down substantially on the bulk and lined those suckers too. Lesson learned for the next one. The Ambiance lining is the next challenge and I am hoping it's as clear and easy as the coat itself was. Fingers crossed.

And since we were going for contrasts, this shirt was finished off Friday for spring and summer.

It's a whisper light voile in classic grey/white mini stripes. This is the second view from Burda 7220. I am so glad I tried this pattern. It is quickly becoming a favorite.
The blouse will be part of my wardrobe for the New England trip this spring. Since I loved the fabric and it's casual, I decided to use some of my last bits of tractor ribbon. It was only fitting that a red Bob like tractor be on the front. :)

Lastly before we head out of the sewing room, I must mention the batting is here for the little Stella fabric quilt. Who knew they had batting that has some stick and tack to it? I certainly didn't but here it is. an 80% cotton, 20 % poly. Not my favorite but not having to use safety pins or other means to hold the layers together made it more desirable for sure. Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Fusible Cotton Blend. Well priced at about
$25.00 for a queen sized bat and heck, American made. They grow a lot of cotton in Texas.

In other news, I spent my weaving time riding. No apologies on that.. We had a beautiful sunny warm weekend and Cooper and I both were just itching to get out and enjoy a little change of scenery. And that we did. It was a slow careful ride in spots, but oh so good for the souls. Where there was still snow, I stopped and looked for tracks, old and new. Lots of rabbit and squirrels, fox, weasel in the deep woods around Tub Springs, possible coyote tracks, which isn't a stretch since I've heard them. No deer, no bear and no big cat. All good. Coop, always the gentleman, was the watchful patient one as I stopped him numerous times to hang over his side and peer down. He's smart too. He can tell from my weight and upper body position just were I'm looking (as most horses can), and skirts what I've targeted so the tracks don't get muddled with hoof prints. He never would have made an arena horse and when I got him as youngster someone made such a nasty comment to just that fact I've remembered it to this day. There was truth in it, I'll grant you that but it was the way it was couched. There is nothing so undervalued in the horse world than a trail horse or a lesson horse. Both do the grunt work and good ones do it with a certain kindness, always judging what their rider needs and wants, all the while keeping them both safe. Nope he's not show material, he's not a fancy horse, but when your butt is on the line, alone and miles from home out in a real wilderness, you can't go wrong with such a sensible, smart, sound and kind hearted animal.

Sunday night our spring weather ended with a storm that moved in and dumped about 12 inches by the end of yesterday. It always happens! Just when I'm starting to accept and look forward to spring, winter pops up again. I hope our storm has headed east on to Judy.

Parting shot: Snow Day the series. Peter, plain and simple.


  1. The coat is absolutely stunning, love it. The way you matched the stripes on the front of the shirt is proof that you are an excellent seamstress (also, I love the tractor).

    Peter, what can you say...he is a beaut! Love his little smile.

  2. Please go outside right now and give Cooper a carrot for me.

  3. My turn to have the earworm of the bass line from "My Verona"....

    I bought that coat/jacket pattern after seeing your earlier post. But I haven't gotten anywhere near sewing in months.

    Loved the observations about Cooper....I'm no "show horse" either, but I manage to get the job done too. :^) Right now that job is supper.......

  4. Good to know that those patterns are so well-thought-out. Not that I plan to sew soon exactly....but some day!

    Your winter sounds similar to ours. Although, in addition to the fox in our yard, we saw a coyote trot through the backyard a few weeks ago. Apparently when there isn't deep snow, the coyotes don't have much hope of catching a deer, so they are a little more aggressive about finding food. Bailey barked at it, and it changed course and headed back into the woods. Scary.....I think he's too small to take on a coyote. We're keeping a close eye on him for sure now!

    OK, I've rambled....sorry.....

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  5. Ok, this is dating myself. I saw your title and immediately thought of the song, "My Sharrona." Sorry, now I'll be humming it to myself all night.

    I love the coat, really like the shirt (and the tractor!).

    I'm looking at a mare who might just fill the bill - being calm and quiet, but also willing to try arena stuff. Tomorrow, I take her to my lesson, so we'll see!

    You're absolutely right - a good trail partner or lesson horse is priceless...

  6. Thistle Rose and Cindie, Thank you both for the compliments on the coat! Thistle Rose, doesn't Peter have the cutest little face? It use to be all black with a tiny little blaze by his nose.

    Mary, Done and the second and third banana's got one too and of course those donkeys were looking hopeful under those shaggy brows...

    Valerie and Laura, Glad to have given you both the same earworm I've had while working on this coat! Laura has it right. It's My Sharona done by The Knack. I suspect they were a one hit wonder. Valerie, I hope you get to the coat pattern one day, it really walks you through coat construction in a good way.
    Hope dinner was wonderful or maybe just a big cookie??

    Sue, Good to hear from you and Bailey! Coyotes can be scary in more suburban settings and I suppose here too. While there are many here, there is also plentiful natural food sources and wilderness for them. 60,000 acres approximately. Few have problems with them and of course, don't let dogs run at night esp. the little ones. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day.

    Laura, Thank you for the kudos on the coat and shirt. I love that little shirt, it's just a fun top.
    Good luck on the mare! I hope she is everything and more you are hoping for. Yep, those lesson/trail horses, a special breed all together.

  7. Your coat is looking great. You amaze me with how patient you are with the tailoring and fitting that you do!
    Congrats on being able to get out and ride. It sounds like you had a wonderful time :-)
    We had a surprise this morning-fresh snow on the ground with four inches in the mountains. My husband took the day off so that we could spend the day skiing together. Thanks for sending the snow our way!!

  8. The coat is coming along nicely. Glad you got to get outside and ride. I must admit my mind was a bit boggled over your information about status in the horse people world. People can be so weird! Cooper sounds like a big-hearted horse.
    The storms are back here on the coast as well. We do get coyotes here too, running through town. I have seen a pair stop two houses from ours to watch Twill and I walking back home.

  9. I have a serious coat weakness and I think yours is smashing. We got your storm, hmm, let's see - it was the day I had to drive in to the dentist to get a crown recemented - oh my, was that yesterday?? Well no wonder I'm tired today - driving all that way on a sheet of ice.

    Peter looks pretty darn cute in the snow.