Friday, February 3, 2012

A Brief Retrospect

My first blog post ever was Feb. 3rd 2009 and 384 posts later it's now 2012. Wow, I didn't think I had been blogging that long. Time indeed has zipped right along at an alarming rate! If it hadn't been for Susan's encouragement I never would have started this

I don't have any of the looms I started out with. Gone is the Murphy Loom (and I wish like heck I could have found one just like it in a narrower width), gone is the Barbara loom, gone is the Woolhouse Carolyn table loom. In their place are two Louet's, a Delta and Hollandia and the little red Glimakra Julia.

The Timbertops spinning wheel is happily in a new home and the Schacht Ladybug is my single wheel. I have enjoyed her so much too even though I don't spin often. Small and uncomplicated, a fine choice for a onsey.

The sewing machine collection has grown from one Bernina to a few vintage Singer's, a couple of Pfaffs, a possessed White serger and a Brother combo sewing/embroidery
machine. What can I say, they store easier than looms!

Barn faces have changed too. The five goatie girls are having their first winter in the valley and likely enjoying it much more than the wet and wind up here. I'm down from five horses to three and I'm liking that number. We refer to them as the two trail mounts and a spare. In place of the goats we added three mini donkeys to the farm.
Okay, they don't do much but they are awfully cute, entertaining and easy. They were so needy of a good home and some special care and diets.

We've had some loss, sweet Angel and most recently Dennett. Both lost to us in the month of January (2010 & 2012). Oh the winds of January do blow hard upon us. But we've added some characters too. Stella in 2010 and Robin in 2011. We've had a few accidents; Gene's back, Miss Bea's repaired knee, toes of woe, sore necks, cut legs, cranky wrists and weak ankles. And of course those planned surgeries like doggie dentals and the removal of "the furry dice".

There has been knitting, weaving, cooking, and sewing. Wild animals in the barn, from skunks to bears and just this last week, like clockwork, a feral tom cat has set up temporary quarters in the hay stack to ride out some of the winter.

There have been some grand books both recommended and read. Many suggested by you. I have quite the book list and I hope I have contributed well to yours too!

And there has been painting. A lot of painting! Floors, walls, cabinets, walls again.
Pink, yellow, blue, greens, white, cream and grey are just some of the colors that have been liberally splashed around these last few years. Rooms have been made, windows installed. Barns to raze and raise again. I've kept Gene busy! ;)

Over the 3 years you've participated in my life through this blog and I've been allowed to participate in some of yours. It's been wonderful. We have laughed and cried together. Thoughts of sympathy, encouragement, interest and ideas have all been shared. While blogging is just a thin slice of any one's life, (kind of like a movie trailer or a highlight film), it is also an enriching one. Let's do this for another few years! Thank you for stopping by, yesterday, today and into the tomorrows.

Parting shot: A Terrier in Sheep's Clothing


  1. I love this post, Theresa. It's like one of those Christmas letters.

    It is fun to connect with far away people who share your interests. I've loved being part of your journey.

    That last picture is too funny. Your dogs must love you dearly to allow you to "humiliate" them so.....

    Here's to many more years of blog posts...

    (PS my verification word is "mudgest"...which is messy, but better than an "ice guest".

  2. I have enjoyed your blog (almost from the beginning!!!) It has been fun getting to know you and all your critters, as well as your wonderful weaving projects! Keep it up!

  3. Congrats on 3 years!!!! What a great retrospective!

    Here's to the next 3 years!!


  4. I always enjoy reading that is going on in your world!
    I somehow suspected that you and blogging would be a good mix!

    So long as you are having fun doing it, then we will enjoy reading your adventures!


  5. LOL, come visit in the spring and you really can be a mudgest Valerie! As to the dogs and picture posing, I have *really* good treats and let's face it, Stella was born to be photographed and she knows it. I will admit, she was a little worried about having a dead animal skin thrown on her. Can you see the single forehead wrinkle?

    LA, you certainly have been on board since almost the first post and I always look for your comments. Thank you.

    Sue, Indeed! I hope to see you pop in too over the course of the coming years.

    Susan, I do enjoy it and thank you for that nudge.

  6. I'm quite glad that I discovered your blog and that you continue to share about your life. It's enjoyable to read about your animals and your creativity. Keep on blogging!

  7. I've totally enjoyed reading and participating in your blog - the ideas, challenges, laughs and tough spots are part of the journey. It's nice to have a community, albeit a virtual one.

  8. Exactly, Sharon! I feel as if I have friends all over the country with all of your blogs, personal notes and comments! It's lovely to know you all!

  9. Congratulations Theresa, on your years of successful blogging! It's been a treat to get to know you, be inspired by you, and learn from you. Really enjoyed your review. Amazing how things change.