Sunday, February 19, 2012

Head Slap

All the while I have been working on the Verona coat, I've been thinking about the version I wanted to get to. After all, the completed one was really just the muslin so to speak. I have two beautiful fabrics set aside for coats and this one just screams Spring to me.

I have been looking for a companion fabric for the contrast on the collar and pockets for a long time, before I even brought the piece of fabric home on the super January sale at Fabric of Vision. Of course nothing really worthy has been unearthed.
At least not until about 12:30am Friday morning when I literally sat up and gave myself a head slap. I am weaver for cripes sake! I can weave the dang contrast fabric just how I want. And better yet, I have the starting point yarn right in my stash!

My Friday morning foray into town started at Web-sters. I needed more of the Kraemer Silk and Sterling yarn. Sadly, this has been marinating in my stash for a while and is no longer available there. But, they have plenty of other good stuff! Louisa Hardings's Jasmine came home in a lovely spring green as did Staccato Sock by Shibui in the same soft cream of the Sterling yarn.

I can get the Sterling right from Kraemer and will order 2 additional skeins. I'm thinking a fairly dense sett at 18-20 epi, 24 inches in the reed and I'll do my mixing on the warping board. Plain weave. I only really need a yard or so, but will measure out about 2.5 yards, allowing for loom waste and sampling. The linen and fique place mats can wait a bit longer.

I was also gifted with a wonderful boutique beer. It was recommended for consumption with something sweet and chocolate, so yesterday I made some brownies. I'm not a baker, but once in a while I stretch myself. I can't think of a better dessert than an excellent smooth stout and brownies.

Can you? Thank YOU Sandi.

Up in the sewing room (besides petting my new coat and plotting the next), I'm trying to work through my cut out pile. Some stuff is summer, some stuff is still for cooler temps. I grabbed this fun corduroy and made it start to finish in a morning, counting interruptions.

What I am loving about this Burda pattern (7220), besides fit, is that it is very close to RTW. No facings or interfacing. It makes for a fast, straight forward construction process once you muddle through Burda's less than stellar directions once or twice. I have modified both versions to just have self fabric bias bindings.

On this top, I changed out the cuff. Instead of hemmed and tucked with a button and button hole, I gathered the sleeve and did a little bias binding cuff. It took a long time. It was a *really* tight fit on the free arm of my machine. I like the little feminine touch the gathered sleeve adds. This baby wale corduroy drapes in such a pretty way.

In farm news, an update on the hay feeders. They work great and are holding up well. We had one incident. Nick got his hoof stuck in one of the holes. Now, the problem was MY fault. I hung it too low and I know Nick tends to paw at things. The feeder came apart without breaking (it has a hinge on the back side) and did no damage what so ever to Nicks front leg. A little playing with which way to turn it to slide off his leg and over his hoof and we were back in business. I am sure he had himself a little panic attack with that on in the stall, but other than a lot of thumping as he walked it might have been a good lesson for him. He certainly held nice and still while I worked his release out at 5 in the morning. A number of weeks and feedings later we have had no repeat of the incident.

Parting shot: Snow Day the series. Perfect Light ( best biggified).


  1. Fiber, stout,furry friends and chocolate...can life get any better????

  2. I just bought a new to me loom, an 8 harness, 48" Macomber, and I was thinking about weaving some fabric yardage and making something to inspire me, but I must admit, it is OUT of my comfort zone......not the sewing, but the weaving TO sew.

  3. Ooh! I love your coat fabric and your new top- I love the print on the corduroy. What sort of ribbon did you embellish with?

  4. Beer with brownies...who knew?
    Enjoying your blog and descriptions of your creations and projects.

  5. I love the colors in your corduroy top - am very fond of blues and browns together. Pinks and browns too for that matter. I look forward to seeing your yardage grow. Please share the steps, in case I get brave one day.

  6. LA, not much but maybe a weekly cleaning service. Boy do we all make a fibery mess!

    Hilary, that's a lovely loom and all the stuff you got with it. WOW!

    prttynpnk. I almost always use woven jacquard ribbons I get at the local fabric store. But you can find them on etsy too. Thank you! I'm loving the two pieces myself.

    Norma, Not all beer but this beer was brewed with coffee beans. A smooth after dinner beer!

    Sharon, No worries, I'll blog about the fabric warp.

  7. Doncha just love BFO's? (blinding flashes of the obvious)

    I think your home-made contrasting fabric will be the bomb...

    Glad Nick was a good boy. I finally got the horse I need. She's not the horse I started out looking for, but she's perfect! Half Belgian, half quarterhorse, she's the offspring of a PMU mare. Her sire didn't really show up much in the final mix other than her height - she's about 15.2.

    Had a snow dusting this morning, now it's raining! So much for winter, this year...