Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whisper Campaign

There is nothing in the world that I love so much as wind. Gale force, light breezes and just about everything in between. The wind here in the mountains is like no other I've experienced. Mostly it has to do with the trees. Few hard woods and plenty of conifers.
They stay green and "leafed" all year. When the wind blows, the trees whisper. Sometimes they shout, but they are never silent. After dreary came sunny and after sunny came winter, again. This visit is also a wind event. It started last night, rustling the tops of the trees, making sounds like swirling taffeta ball gowns. Cleaning them off before covering them with snow. Had it been light I could watch the wind push its way through the trees as one top bent and then another, changing and doubling back, appearing 10 trees over and then surrounding me as I stood thinking of invisible giants shaking the needles off tree by tree. The wind chimes kept me company through the night. I could hear them sounding off all together and singly as the wind whipped around corners and eaves. This morning, I can hear the wind starting far, far away. It sounds like a car coming on a highway, that buildup and whoosh as it goes by, but this just builds and fades, always here and gone at the same time. The little eddies of air collecting under trees and bushes make me think of spirit animals, brushing by me, a sniff on my leg or a hint of ghost fur touching my arm. Wind blows loose the imagination.

So enough of wind at least in writing about it ( so much hot air!), and onto the resurrection of the Stella fabric. You bet I'm going to use every single scrap I have saved and cleverly too. It was mentioned in a comment why don't I make my own labels. Why indeed? I make them for stuff I make for my Mom, why not my own clothes? THAT made me think what I should put on the label and THAT brought me back to the collection and printing I did of 3 wonderful books of Cairn Terrier stories all called Written in Stone (Vols. 1,2,& 3), and aptly under the publishing title of Too Many Tails & Teeth Press. The sales benefited the Cairn Terrier Club of America's rescue funds. I've always had too many dogs. So, long story short(er), the labels are:

Maybe I should have done Too Many Tops & Tunics! ;)

The Tosca dress is done, but really it's the Tosca tunic.

Changes have been made. About 14 inches in length has been whacked off, the armholes raised, the top pockets left off and a fun piece of silk tie added to one of the big hip/side pockets because we all know I just love to embellish with ribbons and silk!

Something about the simple cut and unique pockets make me want to do this again. It was fun sewing, it looks nice on. I'm thinking of raising the armholes more, putting in a little silky something peeking from within the funnel neck for modesty and making it into a summer top, losing a lot more inches off the length of course. I'll let it all percolate for a bit. Summer is still a ways off and the new linens have yet to hit the shelves.

In farm news, the boys are shedding. Let the unpleasantness begin. Break out the shedding blades and curry combs. Even the donkeys are beginning to lose what little winter pelt they grow. Those blankets for them were a good investment, a necessary one. They will last for a long time too. The mini crew is quite kind to their wearables.
They don't feel the need to chew on one another or muck them up in the mud. The small size make it easy to clean them too. My poor washing machine, it really takes a lot of abuse. Donkey blankets, heavy jean loads and king sized bedding all conspire to strain its 12 year old mechanics. When it finally gives up the ghost no one will be able to say we didn't get our money's worth from this appliance!

Parting shot: So Very Hopeful (or more to what Robin is probably thinking), It sucks to be short.
And yes, I did give him that biscuit.


  1. The wind howled through here the last few days, too!!! The wind vane got quite a workout! Robin has a nose for the important things in life!!!

  2. What a pleasure to read your poetic post. The wind was fierce last night, wasn't it? We went to dinner and were planning to go to the movies...but I felt punky so we came home to read and listen to the wind.

    Your donkeys don't ruin their blankets? Such smart animals! Woodrow is shedding out, and more gray is coming in. Very distinguished :-)

  3. Think your Tosca tunic is smashing and the idea for a summer version sounds like a winner.

    Sweet Robin is indeed thinking it is hard to be a shortie!

  4. We have amazing wind here today too. So ferocious!

    That is a great pic of Robin!!!

    Love the tunic!!! I like how you're comfortable making changes to patterns so that they'll suit you. Fun stuff!


  5. Well, you should be here today if you like the wind! I am the opposite. Not a fan.
    But I think Robin is going to learn how to stretch...he's a smarty pants!

  6. Aw Robin, you've got such a nice Mom and I love her green cabinets. Love the labels too! And I agree with Mary, you give a very poetic description of the beauty of the wind.

  7. LA, yes, Robin knows what is truly important. More wind and snow expected this week.

    Mary, I bet the wind was something down your way. I've noticed a little grey on Dandy too. I don't think 16 is old, but more "in his prime". How old is Woodrow?

    Thistle Rose, Thank you! It will be fun to work changes with this pattern I think.

    Sue, My Mom commented on the wind in their area too. They are very close to the coast. It must be awesome to watch the Atlantic get so whipped up.

    Nancy, I bet there are certain wether patterns you love, just not windy ones. Yep, smarty pants Robin often gets too big for his britches at this age but I don't think he's going to et that much stretch in, lets hope not. None of the biscuits will sleep nights. ;)

    Leigh, I can share that paint color you know!. I love those silly labels. No clue what I'll do when the fabric runs out but I'm sure I can find something equally kid like.

  8. Hot air is generated by politicians, what you wrote about the wind is poetry! We have 6o mph winds, and snow, heading our way. It is all you wrote and more! As always, inspired by your sewing. I need to do an inspiration board of your sewing pics. Not to copy, just to inspire the possibilities! Thanks for a beautiful post and giving us the relief of knowing that Robin got the biscuit!

  9. I like a breeze, I dislike the wind. Perhaps it dates to the years I ran before work and sometimes wondered if it would knock me off the road, coming home with sand in my hair and grit on my face. Nope. Not a fan.