Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Good to be the Queen

At least for a day or two. Birthday 54 has come and gone. After 53 of them it is not quite the affair it was somewhere around 10 or 18 or 21, but it has it's perks. Staying in PJ's, doing just what I want to do (and very little I don't), and having someone else clean up the kitchen are some of them. Clever, sweet and funny birthday cards is another and of course, the birthday booty. Even the UPS man Brian was in on it, delivering the much anticipated yarn for the spring cloth warp!

The serger, now dubbed Brother Ed, arrived at the beginning of February. It appears that it is not a possessed piece of equipment and we are getting on quite nicely. I can even see the changes slight adjustments make on my sewing which gives me a much better understanding of how it all works.

And Brother really does a bang up job of providing excellent instructions and tutorials. This was the scene yesterday morning, with just about all the toys out and working. The one Pfaff is set up and doing top stitching, the other Pfaff (middle machine brown & white) doing the sewing and of course, Brother Ed getting a real work out as I started in another pair of cargo pants.

But that wasn't all the birthday fairies gifted this year. There were these wonderful, whimsical napkins. DONKEY napkins.

Now who wouldn't think these are just the bomb?? I sure do and the colorful nesting bowls are happy and fun too.

I can just see 3 of these donkeys done as a mini quilt complete with little coats on. Hmmmmm.

Two wonderful books that have been on the top of my wish list.

This has drafts from 4 to 24 shafts and many of the 8 shafts patterns are amazing.

This book also has a DVD with tutorials in it. A good thing!

Both will be challenging to me with lots of new approaches and techniques.

And my Mother, who started one of these modern charm bracelets (Troll Beads brand) for me last spring during my visit, sent along the one bead I had wanted from the get go (and especially after losing Dennett in January); the Scottie dog bead.

They were out of this bead last spring and even this year she had to special order it I'm told. It's the one at the top on the yellow rain boots. A very special bead indeed.

Today, before the mantle of Queen completely fades for the year, I'll get to do a little shopping and have a nice dinner out. The weather yesterday dictated celebrations at home, which was just fine with me. A bowl of double chocolate ice cream, five dogs tucked into the comfy chair with me and Project Runway on the tube ended a perfectly royal day.

Parting shot: Her Majesty's Most Attentive Subject.


  1. Happy Birthday, Theresa!!! What a fiber haul you made! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! You have had a wonderful day! Love the donkey in boots napkins, the fabric is so cute.

    Jack's smile always wins my heart.

  3. Happy, happy! And when I turn 53, may I send my then-almost-13-year-old son (OY!) to spend the day with YOU, so I can have a day like you did? ;-O

  4. Happy Birthday you youngster you! (I turn 56 later this month... boo!)

    Yes, the best part is the day off from kitchen duty and other chores isn't it? Now if that part would only last a week at least!

    I have that Complex Weavers pattern book and its great! I refer to it often for inspiration.

    You certainly hauled in the goodies: love the serger, fabric but the Scottie charm is the sweetest!


  5. Happy Birthday Theresa! Love the beads and the donkeys, and of course the loyal subject.

    The only good thing about my upcoming birthday in April is that Hancock Fabrics here give a senior discount on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays to those 55 and older. If I can only remember to go on the right day!

  6. Happy birthday! Sounds like you did it right.

  7. Happy Birthday Theresa! May you remain Queen all year :)

    denise/deBrat headed back to the loom after catching up on email, blogs and yahoo groups

  8. Hey Birthday girl! Love your line up of sewing machines and the donkey napkins!!!!! I remember 54....a very long time ago but it seems as though I was quite perky and doing crazy things like going up ladders and spending days in the garden trimming and shredding branches. Rest your royal butt in the sunshine and think about all the Spring chores that are headed your way!

  9. Happy Birthday Theresa! It sounds like you had a lovely day. Looks like you will be busy as usual!

  10. Theresa,

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  11. Well, thank you all for the birthday wishes. I certainly am blessed (and spoiled)!
    And Michelle, sure when you turn 53 or 54 send Brian to me, I'll keep him busy for the day!

  12. You sure did have a very "Happy Birthday". I can't imagine using a serger. I have enough trouble with my Singer and you have a whole row of sewing machines.

    I love the dockey napkins!


  13. Happy birthday to you!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day from start to finish. That's the way to do it :-) I love your bright donkey napkins.

  14. Happy birthday Theresa! I celebrated it for you on the beach :) You got some good loot and I'm thinking about one of your presents for myself - a half birthday gift.