Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Defense Against the Dark Days

Just because we "spring" forward doesn't mean the days are any sunnier. In fact, it's just longer periods of lighter shades of grey! I know I P&M'd about us needing more moisture, but in these parts it seems like it almost always saves the soggy finale for March and April, just when you're ready for blue skies, warm breezes and a trail or two that wasn't so saturated a single ride over it will ruin it for a season.

But a girl has her defenses! Other than Bog boots, yellow ducky rain slickers and shedding blades these brighten the dreary days:

Yep, cottons, light, airy and full of possibilities. There is nothing so alluring as a length of beautiful fabric, a skein of silky softness or a wound warp. At least for the fiber inclined. Boaters, golfers, gardeners etc. all have their special ideas of spring time allure. I know the horses are watching and waiting for grass to grow and everyone takes advantage of a warm, dry deck. It may be the middle of March Madness but here it is spring fever.

A new farrier finally appeared. Trims have been accomplished and everyone is much happier for it. Dandy was getting terribly klutzy as were the other two. He was kind, quick and conservative with these first of trims. Hard to see how the horses go in the snow and mud, but hopefully next time will allow for a better look see at the full mechanics of each horse. None of my boys is complicated when it comes to hoof work
but still it requires some finesse to get angles and such correct for each horses particular way of going.

Other than that, it's been pretty dull around here. I am slowly gearing up for my spring exodus back to the homeland. (LOL, we're talking Massachusetts here). Things are being put in order, lists and instructions starting to appear to help Gene out over the month plus of solo farm sitting. No doubt my Mom and Dad are putting their own little lists together of things to do and see and , well, dine on! Hopefully they will have a project or two for me.

I'm also starting to load my Kindle up, so if anyone has some good book suggestions I'm all ears. Perhaps some non-fiction that was particularly good? What reads were a struggle to put down?

Parting shot: Stella, exasperated with little brother Robin.


  1. I love that butterfly fabric!! What is it destined for? You are so right about fiber making the day that much brighter. Enjoy yours!

  2. It destined for a top as are all these fabrics. Soon the winter tops and blouses will go away and summer ones take their place.
    The butterfly fabric is part of the new Moda Papillon collection. The whole bolt went like hotcakes. It barely lasted a week at Fabric of Vision.

  3. Wow; you're going to be gone for over a month? I don't think I could bear to be away from my critters that long!

  4. Oh, those last fabrics are wonderful! You do have excellent taste in fabrics. Hopefully MA weather is more to your liking for your visit.

  5. Perhaps this year we will meet at the NH Show?
    If you do come make a note it is moving to Deerfield Fairgrounds.

    Lovely fabrics there....look forward to seeing their future!

  6. I think I'm going to download the Keith Richards biography. It's very easy to buy books and then I feel bad because I'm not reading them. How about you tell us what you've downloaded and liked????