Thursday, March 15, 2012

Water Logged

Which is probably a good thing after our low snow, low moisture winter. This is shaping up to be a typical spring. Wet, muddy and fairly miserable. Can I say again how much I am loving the new little barn? I need not slog though ankle deep muck to get to flooded feeder tubs. I just go to the windows outside the paddock, pull the hay feeders through, fill them and slide them back in the stalls. They keep the hay off the ground and the horses all have somewhere not mucky to stand and eat. Heaven for all of us.

This of course is the least favorite weather pattern for the small and useless furkids.
I use useless in the most loving way! Everyone that has a short smooth coat wants and needs a little something extra for those forced outdoor marches.

I am always amazed that what takes ages to do on a sunny warm day is accomplished by 8 dogs in less than 5 minutes flat. Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday early morning saw 9 plus inches of the heavy wet stuff, just enough to nix a breakfast date in town. By 4:00 p.m. it was 4 inches with a heavy layer of slush. YUCK!
For spring I think this area should be renamed "The Mudsprings".

Precious little has gone on here, lots of make work. Picking up, organizing the buildup on counters and end tables, pulling books for donation and old clothes that have seen their last winter here at least. The cats were all hauled to the vet yesterday morning
for check-ups and rabies. It was challenging for the barn cats but all in all they acquitted themselves quite well. Buzz was paralyzed by fear, but he never offered to scratch or bite. Juno probably would have been purring in ten minutes time, but a pre-school group was due for a field trip there within the hour and we wanted the cats on their way home before that circus arrived. Rodger of course was cool and calm, walked out of his crate purring and said a cheery hello to everyone.

The rest of the crew will have their rabies shots at the end of the month. Dr. Beth (who use to do big animals) is making a house call. We'll do the all the dogs needing it and also the horses and donkeys. She's excited, I'm excited and vet tech Nic is excited since he's going to vet school in the next year and large animal experience is helpful. I have a nice crew when it comes to ground manners so a good intro for him. Any mistakes are usually met with just a surprised look.

A little sewing has gone on and a little prayer flag weaving and not much else. The prayer flags you've seen a ton of times, but this sewing pattern is new. Simplicity 2841.

It's out of print but still available on the Simplicity web site. This is my first Khaliah Ali pattern and I am terribly impressed with it.

Very well designed and makes quite a handsome tunic to my eye. I will say the instructions are good right until you have to start fiddling with that neck.

It was slow going but the result is well worth the work and once you have that ah-ha moment about what they want you to do, it's all just fabric manipulation. I'll certainly use it again. Might add some inseam pockets because, who doesn't like pockets??!

Parting Shot: The always regal Peter. Looking pretty good for 17 isn't he.


  1. Very cute top. I went to look at the pattern and love the little cap sleeve version for summer.

  2. I found your pattern here:
    Who knew it would be perfect for Islamic dressing? Are we sick of winter yet?

  3. Peter is indeed a very regal fellow. Love the new shirt, very nice looking!

  4. love, love the tunic. nicely done!
    Presently escaping the winter but I hear we are having yummy early spring weather at home. I'll send some warmth your way!

  5. I really like the cut of that top - especially the keyhole neck opening! Hmmm, what could I trade you to make me one of those???

  6. Cindie, it is pretty cute in all its versions. I'd grab the pattern while it is still available if you like it!

    mrsmole, There are a lot of patterns I like on that site. Who knew? Maybe Khaliah Ali designs not only for plus size but heritage also.

    Thistle Rose. He is such a sweet fellow, always has been. Thank you for the compliment on the tunic!

    Nancy, YES, New England is having fine weather. No doubt it will become crappy when I arrive, but at least it will be different crap than here! ;) Thank you for the tunic compliment.

    Michelle, Why thank you. It is a wonderful pattern although designed specifically for plus sizes. I would have no idea how to adjust it for someone I had never seen. If I didn't have Rhonda, I probably couldn't do half of what I do. It's dumb luck that my Mother is a smaller but proportionally similar person or I would be at a loss to make anything for her too.

  7. We got some of the rain and were thankful, and yeah, our dogs make quick work of outside. I like the top very much, especially the keyhole neckline - looks fiddly but definitely worth the work.

  8. We have had such warm weather tell today and I think we are getting your snow.

    Love the top so cute great fabric!

  9. Oh another tunic I must have! I love the print you've used, too!

  10. LOLOL! The first pic! LOLOL Reminds me of our cat Rascal, when I had angora rabbits. He always felt it was his duty to accompany me to feed them. Unless it was raining or snowing. He'd accompany me as far as the edge of the carport, sit down, and wait for me to come back to the house.

    I love the new top. Lovely pattern.