Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Because

I had an interesting time of it working with a new to me pattern from Cutting Line Designs. Actually, the pattern is long out of print but through the miracle of Etsy I was able to snag a copy and give her a go.

The pattern is Farewell to Arms, and honestly, I would love to give it a stellar review, but I just can't. It was poorly drafted, the instructions terribly confusing in parts and for me, a real no-no in a pattern, a heavy reliance on Steam a Seam or other fusibles. I'm not saying they don't have their place in a sewing room, they certainly do! I use Steam-A-Seam 2 all the time to hold my little ribbon trims on until I can sew them down. But I don't think much of a pattern that relies on them for finishing techniques. It's just plain lazy. Baste or sew or modify the technique to be a sewing one. It's okay to learn a skill. Ironing sticky tape down is not one in my book.

This started out for me but it was obvious by the time I got the lower portion of the big style shirt on that it would suit my Mother MUCH better.

It was roomy but narrow through the hips, not a strong suit in the style department for this fluffy figure. So I set about making it really hers. The addition of an embroidered lobster on the back

and a special label completed the blouse along with good tight cuff snaps and off it went to MA as a surprise gift.

She likes it. In fact: " Dear, maybe a light blue one for summer wear might be nice". So for now, I won't be saying "farewell" to Farewell to Arms, but I will be making improvements to the pattern just for sanity's sake.

Now a pattern that did work for me and work well, was Simplicity 2636 (OOP).

I enjoyed the look and feel the princess seams provided and I ended up liking the fact they were to the armhole and not the shoulder. The eggplant cotton with it's fine little woven squares makes for an elegant dressy blouse.

Vintage buttons completed it.

And for the trip/summer another pair of Faux Flax pants has been completed. This time in a wonderful Italian woven 100% linen.

On the weaving front, the Hollandia seems to have a dog on the loom and it is 100% my fault. I put that warp on in September to make a quick run of dish towels for the fire departments silent auction. I completed them and also two more along the way which are still on the loom. It's been slow going and I sat down last week and figured out why I hate them. In my effort to get it on, I did a poor job of laying out my treadle tie up. 90% of these towels is tabby. My tabby treadles are over to the far left of 10 treadles. I spend most of my weaving time centered for throwing the shuttle and reaching with my left foot to treadle 1 & 2. It's uncomfortable and I only need the hint of an excuse not to do it. Today I am dropping the treadles, centering my tabby ones at the 5 & 6 spot and putting the design treadles evenly on each side. I have a fair amount of yardage left on this warp, about 7 +-, so it is worth it to get these done and the loom free.

In farm news, it's getting pretty ugly out there. The days this week have all been the same, snow early in the morning, changing to rain, staying grey until late afternoon when the sun might or might not peek out and then a wet finish. It can either be accompanied by high winds or not. Friday was sunny and the wind chilled you right to the bone. Come rain or shine I do try to get out daily with a dog for a walk. Usually Peter and sometimes a pair. Yesterday I took both Robin and Peter out for a good long hike in the back woods. The snow was deep in parts (over my knees) and while I slogged the two tiny titans were able to skip over the surface of the deep parts.
I'll leave you with a few parting shots. Robin is wearing a harness with bells attached. Should he take off I can track him by sound and it's fair warning to any wildlife I might not want him to meet up with. Of course we make a whole heap of noise without the bells!

Ready,set, go!

Bump on a log

Big woods, little dog running like the wind. ;)


  1. Hey Theresa! I'm truly loving that "Wear Me" label inside your Mom's shirt, and it looks great on her. Your added details make everything wonderful. Just rain down here today, yesterday was blustery and quite lovely, I had the back doors open here at the shop. Not doing that today! Hope to see you soon.

  2. I really like the eggplant blouse! And of course, dog running in snow.

  3. Ooo, love that last action shot of Robin. I agree with the others about your blouse and label. Your pieces just keep getting better and better.

  4. Robin with bells on! Love it. I also love the "wear me" tag in the blouse and may have to make my own version of that. I have been all talk and no action on the sewing front but am still determined to get busy so I too can have some pretty clothes, thanks to your inspiration! A deep thank you as well for the comments on my blog.

  5. I loved reading about the shirts. Your finishing is stellar and I'm definately going to try and find that Simplicity pattern! I'm a tad pearshaped and I'm always looking for a tailored blouse that flatters and this may just be it. Cheers