Saturday, March 10, 2012

Faux Flax

Liesl's well traced pattern of my linen pants worked up PERFECTLY.

Of course there were no instructions, but it is also a fairly simple pattern. The pocket band gave me some headaches and the first one I had to rip out twice before getting it right.

The waistband was also a little challenging. I figured out they constructed it in two pieces, not the usual single waistband that may have seam in back. Once I accepted this, it was pretty easy to get it on and looking like the original.

I did have a little help with construction order. Way back I mentioned on one of my blog posts about the new ( at that time) Thread's Sewing Guide.

I liked the book when I bought it and felt it had a lot of good information, but was sceptical it was as good as my old favorite by Reader's Digest. Over the past months, I have found myself using it more often. No sewing book is ever really complete, not this one, not the Reader's Digest, but I'll tell you, this one comes darn close. The RD failed me in construction order. I didn't need long drawn out chapters for these pants, nor was I tailoring menswear. I just needed a down and dirty guide to the easiest way to assemble pants so I wouldn't be undoing something along the way. The Threads Guide to Sewing had it. It was just right for bringing order to my 7 piece pattern. They also have one for shirts.

Both handy to have especially if you are buying European patterns that may or may not have instructions in English or making your own up.

Over the week the other items to hit the sewing machine were the Sewing Workshop's Tosca Dress taken all the way down to a blouse, or at least a little "over blouse".

I managed to bring up those armholes something like 7 inches and keep the shape and grade of both neck and sides in tact.

It's the shape and drape (this one in a very nice rayon) that make this piece so fun. The big pleated pockets had to go but two smaller patch pockets did manage to make it on the top; side and back.

I resurrected the Burda 7220 pattern because this lovely India made cotton was yarn dyed, so the drapey neck would be the same inside and out.

A little fun was had with some bias cuts for yoke and the front bands and apologies because this was thrown on Rhonda crooked. The small embroidery detail is truly centered on the back yoke.

Still left to do over the weekend is the silk burnout. I saved the most challenging for last.

In other news, I'm hoping my farrier problems are behind me. In late November Morgan trimmed up everyone. I knew he was working out on a ranch beyond Christmas Valley, but he was hoping to make it out this way every couple of months. We set an appointment for Mid-late January. Not unusual for winter since the guys neither grow a lot of hoof in the winter nor do they get ridden. January came and went, calls were made and never returned. I waited and waited. It's an old story. Even after almost 10 years if I can't rely on someone ( no matter how much we love you Morgan)
I've got to do the best I can for the horses. The first recommended farrier said yes and then cancelled and then this week gave me the name of the second one on my list. I would have called him first actually but he lives in Eagle Point and I figured wouldn't want to travel so far. Well, it turns out Farrier Dos already has a client on the mountain, someone I don't know, and is more than willing to take on some additional work up here. HA! I've got 2 other people with 8 horses waiting and hoping this one works out. I'm sending up a small prayer to the powers that be!

Parting shot: Feel free to rub tummy at will and with abandon.
Robin loves to pull out and nest in the folded flannels I have on the bottom shelf.


  1. Great news about your farrier. I sure hope that works out! Lots of sewing going on...that makes me want to sit down and play with my machine! Please give Robin a little tummy rub for me!

  2. You are sewing such beautiful pieces. I have long admired the Tosca dress and now must have it :-), no matter that I am on a self imposed pattern diet. The pants are wonderful!

    As for farriers, we love to "hate" 'em, but can't live without them. What is it with their refusal to return calls? hint-try this--->pay ahead like I did this year. Ken is very aware that he owes *me* now.

  3. wow - some great sewing going on up there. I love the color of those pants!

  4. I love Threads books. I have several of their knitting books. As usual your work is spectacular!

  5. LA, Robin received a number of tummy rubs in your name. He sends his love, asks for biscuits....

    Mary, Thank you. You'll love the Tosca....would be smashing in linen for summer

    Cindie, I love the color too. It should blend well with a fair amount of things

    Leah, I agree, almost always first rate publications.
    And thank you!

  6. That sounds like a handy book! As usual, beautiful clothes you have made. I especially like those pants.

    Robin just want you to think he loves what you love!

  7. having spent a week creating a dress from nothing more than my mind (frightening!)I am in awe of what you do with a needle and thread.
    As for that belly rub....I miss my pups while away and this helped missing my favorite pup bellies!

  8. Your farrier story sounds like our shearer stories - always hoping to find someone when we need 'em.