Friday, March 30, 2012

Drum Roll Please!

March is a special month. Birthdays at either end and today, well today Stella turns TWO! So a little retrospect is in order.

Who could forget the winsome 8 week old pup that came home with me one late May day in 2010. All 3 pounds 2 ounces of her.

The "Talk to Paw" diva

or becoming a real pack member allowed to have a chew with her elders.

This past year changes were afoot and she wore a number of different hats. All with grace and mostly good cheer.



and grouchy big sis. (whoa Robin, think of it as a "teaching" moment).

All in all a second young dog really has made life more fun for our little powerhouse.

But today it is all about Stella.

There will be extra biscuits, new toys and special little treats for all.

Happy Birthday Stella! You're a good dog and an even better sport!

Parting shot: Someone had to be Stella's fitting mannequin...Poor, poor Jack!
But nothing says I love you like a pink crown and a donkey napkin. ;)
Talk about good sports!


  1. Happy Birthday to Stella!!! Party on!!!!! She has been a pure delight to watch, and she has made her own little place in your pack and my heart!

  2. Happy Birthday Stella!!

    Jack. You should go to Hollywood.

  3. STELLLLLLLAAAAAAA! Happy Birthday Dear Sweetie

    She stole my heart the first time I viewed the "talk to the paw" Diva picture.

    Jack, you are adorable, such a cute little expression on your face.

    I send lots of hugs to the whole pack. The crown and robe are adorable - great idea.

  4. Happy birthday dear Stella!

    I nominate Stella for sainthood. Not only does she put up with the costuming, but she stays for the camera. A lesser pooch would be under the bed!

  5. Just adorable!!!! I'll remember this post for a long time because of how cute it is!

  6. Happy Day Stella!!!
    Hey, I saw the cutest little terrier mix on pet of the week on tv the other day - Rogue Valley Humane Society - need to add another one to the pack???

  7. Happy you have made your humans, Stella. Good girl!

  8. happy Birthday Stella. Enjoy your day, and tell your mom that you deserve extra chow for putting up with these frilly costumes. Nick enjoys dressing up but likes a manly costume

  9. Happy Birthday Stella!
    You have infinite patience to put up with all the fluffy bits and silly human tricks!

    You deserve new toys and treats!

    :) Calli your Airedalian friend
    PS I turn 2 on April 11th... and no party favours!

  10. Can I borrow Stella's hat for my birthday on Thursday?

  11. Oh Stella, Oh Stella. Happy Birthday!
    You beautiful girl!

  12. Well both Stella and I thank you VERY much for all your birthday wishes.
    She had a wonderful day, filled with treats, Timmy fetching and some well deserved beauty sleep under the lap blanket on the comfy chair. No crowns appeared.
    As to Jack, he does feel an acting career might be fruitful but likes to stay close to home. He is putting his resume in at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and boning up on his sonnets.

  13. Friday was Leo's birthday, but did not quite get so royal a treatment! There was, however, tuna all around. Happy birthday, Stella!

  14. Whoa, I'm stunned that two years have passed. She's certainly a queen, grown up from a princess. Happy birthday Chica!