Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Quick Side Trip to Italy

The end of the annual visit always feels like the day after Christmas. The little let down that the holiday is over. It makes for a great time to throw oneself into a project (or two), so I took myself off to Italy yesterday. It's no secret that there are certain places in this world known for excellence. Paris fashion, Irish Linen, Shetland wool yarn, Turkish rugs and Philly Cheese Steak to name a few. Well, nothing is nicer than Italian woven fabrics, at least to me. When I went to Italy in 1995, I brought back yards of Valentino fabric and even by today's standards the yardage cost was dear. Today I am lucky enough to have someone bring fine Italian fabrics locally for purchase. Sandi at FOV (Fabric of Vision) out did herself this fall with some beautiful bolts and I made some great purchases at good prices.

I wish the computer could allow you to feel these fabrics. The drape is like liquid silver, the hand soft and smooth. This is wool meant to be worn next to the skin and season spanning in weight.

Double sided twill Peacock/Navy wool

Honey Comb type weave in Black and White. Very very soft.

Pinstripe wool Grey/Brown and Cream with a blue/grey cast. I'll be using the less shiny reverse side for some of my garment.

I spent yesterday cutting out 3 pairs of pants and one Japanese cotton fabric for a blouse. I have a lot of sewing lined up and it's a good thing. We're expecting the first true snow of the season and about 5-6 days of unsettled weather starting tonight.

In other news, the rabble is settling down after the visit. Robin still expects his daily walk and I've been accommodating him.

He is one terrific little terrier! Our walks now are just about all off leash, he sticks close to me and even when he sees something like a wild turkey, doesn't run off. I'm SO impressed with him and even more thrilled to have a hiking companion again. Fat Sam and Lexie were my steady hikers for many years. Peter also has been a great little guy to take on walks, but he is almost 17 and not up to the hard long hikes of old. Charlotte is reliable but never really enjoys the walks. Stella has many charms, but walking on the leash is not her strong suit and she would be gone in a heartbeat off leash. Robin was 6 months on October 28th and I am looking forward to many many miles together. I allowed the breeder to pick this pup for me from the litter of 3 boys and can't be more pleased.

Parting shot: Did you say close up?


  1. You've got some great projects in line for the bad weather days!!! I sure wish I could feel that fabric! Robin is just too cute!

  2. I spent some quality time with my fabric today, too. That and with Bella! Please show what you make with your fabric!

  3. I went to Hancock's Fabrics yesterday, browsed the selections and read through patterns, and then left. It needs to be better than that to invest the time. Lucky you!

  4. what fun to get special fabrics from far away places!
    and your training plan surely is a great one. Not to mention the way you pick these pups! Cuuuute!