Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mission Pants: Completed!

Three pairs of slacks in about one week. Much needed too. I don't wear jeans often anymore and the ones I have are pretty darn shabby looking. Suitable only for around the house or maybe an incognito trip to the local Grange for feed. At this point 75% of everything I own has been sewn by me.

The two wool pants are made from the Sewing Workshop Trio pattern. Many small modifications have been done. Pockets completely different, flat front waist band slightly extended, leg shape changed to be straighter. These are comfortable pants and fun and easy to add embellishments too. Here is the dark teal pair with a fake front vent and bamboo buttons added.

Oh, and the top is a Chinois Coat by Indygo Junction .

I had done the cut out while my folks were here and then went on to other sewing projects during their visit. It still needs buttons and button holes.

The last pair of pants is a Japanese made cotton/linen blend. Due to the patterning of the fabric I wanted to use a sewing pattern that didn't have a lot of seams. My choice was the pants from Sewing Workshops Urban T-Shirt & Pants pattern.

Again, some changes. The body of the pants has been shortened as it was so long it came up under my rib cage the first pair I made. Now they sit just below my natural waist. Pockets have been added

and I lost the front faced vent and lengthened the leg as I am not fond of cropped pants. This pattern is so easy I could almost do it in my sleep.

A certain friend brought me back some vintage donkey buttons from a trip to the Houston Quilt Market. Three of them. Are these not just the most perfect donkey buttons you have ever seen??!!

I love them and thank you. I may just have to make a little pictorial quilt to showcase them.

In other news, the towel weaving has started again. I am also planning a second towel warp for Hey Baby to be followed by a blanket warp.

Eight cords of split mixed wood was delivered yesterday. Looks like we're ready for all the cold weather this winter is promising and then some. I sure hope so. Heating season can drag on and on into late May.

Parting shot: Stinkin' Cute! ( Thank you Sharon & Alexia for that gem)


  1. Beautiful sewing! I wish I had your fabric store. We have NOTHING local that inspires creativity.

    The pups are stinkin cute. But someone did a number on the baseboard.

  2. Great sewing. Love that pants pattern and those buttons are wonderful. The puppies are too cute.

  3. And I was just thinking after your last post that most of your clothes must be sewn by you these days - they're great! Those donkey buttons are the cutest!

  4. Now that's a nice wardrobe line up! You have been very busy!

    I see someone has added a side of baseboard to their diet!

    With that many dogs and cats in the house, you'd need surveillance cameras to catch the culprit...but there is one main suspect...

    :) Susan

  5. Ah yes,the baseboards. That is not the only corner that fell victim to puppyhood, both with Stella and Robin (Stella was actually the more active party). We have a couple of stair corners that bear the scars too. Oh well, next time we paint, we'll repair. It is what it is and I have seen folks with a lot more puppy damage than our little bits and bites.

  6. Those are absolutely wonderful clothes! SW patterns are great for showcasing interesting fabrics. Just beautiful.

  7. I envy your industriousness. I the slacker sit here in a blouse from Goodwill, not recommended.

  8. I am so jealous of all your talent!!! Cute picture of the dogs!

  9. More great sewing! I love the donkey buttons-what a neat find. The Japanese pants bring back memories of walking into a Japanese quilt shop. The shop was full of quilts in those same colors-taupe, soft gray and browns. Such a nice combination.

  10. I've been scrolling back through all the posts I need to catch up on, and have to say these outfits are fantastic! And as usual, your parting shot is priceless.