Friday, November 11, 2011

That's Just Snappy!

Please raise your hand if you dislike sewing on buttons? It is the one thing I positively drag a part of my anatomy getting around to (Chinois Coat still awaiting that final touch), so imagine my delight when the gals at Fabric of Vision mentioned a snap setting tool. My ears perked up for sure. I like snaps! They make a satisfying sound, they have those pretty pearly tops, I don't have to hand sew them and best of all, they are available right in Ashland.

Sometimes it takes weeks for me to get over to Medford for buttons and often the selection is just so-so and dollars to donuts there is never enough of the one I like.

So, I went to town with my little setter and finished up this new pattern test run blouse. Meet Vogue 1274.

The shirt turned out well for the first run through. Certainly a wearable muslin and good thing since I used a good quality tightly woven shirting on it. The sizing is accurate considering problems I've had with Vogue patterns in the past.

The directions were pretty good although there are some things I need to change. They want all seams French seams. In my mind, unless you are working with silk or some other fine fiber that ravels heavily it's a big waste of time and makes some of the seaming extra difficult as far as getting a good clean match. If you like french seams and it makes you feel better, do them, but if you are like me and just want a good sturdy garment, serviceable and neat on the inside, just seam and serge or finish as you normally do. There is no Sewing Police. The neck facing is a poor fit and needs work/adjustments on the next version. I love the looks of this pattern but don't know how that back will behave wearing it. I can see the gathered back portion riding up under the snapped side panels.

In all fairness, a heavier fabric with more body and crispness would be better suited. I don't need a lot of asymmetrical closing shirts, but I will do this at least one more time and maybe more. I like it.

I would love to tell you I've been weaving, but I haven't. Cooper's little explosion last week while trying to get the blanket on him wrenched my shoulder and aggravated a nerve and muscle that lies under a shoulder blade. Why I just didn't let go of the lead rope is an easy to answer question. As beginners ( and I started riding when I was 4. Thanks Mom, you gifted me with that opportunity) you are taught to hold the reins no matter what and I have sailed over and off many a horse, reins still in hand even though my lungs had no air or a body part was screaming injury. I kept a hold of my horse. The same goes with holding a lead rope, although newer (and kinder/safer), techniques are out there. And I know them too. Shame on me.

So Cooper and I headed up to the round pen on Tuesday. It's been a long time since we had to do any remedial work of that kind, but it was good for both of us. I had my clicker in hand and started working on targeting, the blanket thrown over the rail blowing in the breeze was our starting point. 45 minutes later, I had a happy relaxed horse, wearing his blanket and not fussing as it went on and off over his head, over his rump, over his sides etc. We'll do this a few more times just to make sure any unexpected late night blanketing emergency goes off without a hitch. With him it's not so much the blanket itself but the noise the waterproof fabric makes.

Parting shots: Bedtime Biscuits & Little Beggars.....;)


  1. Oh my....I remember putting snaps in my kids clothes when they were little!!! That brought back some good memories! I'm glad you spent some quality time with your horse..I'm sure that was good for both of you!

  2. Very sunny shirt! So sorry about your shoulder. Sounds like the remediation time with Cooper is good for both of you.

    You mean we're not the only one that does bedtime treats (Greenies) with the pets?

  3. the joke at this house is if Sam loses a button on a shirt he never gets to wear it again because I hate sewing on buttons. I did surprise hime once (several years back) and replaced buttons on around 10 shirts. There are some really cute snaps out there nowdays......I keep wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with those monster snaps....I might have to buy a set just to put on fabric and hang on the wall as art!

  4. Good job with Cooper; I have been hurt in a variety of ways around my horses too. They are just big, and fast. As for snaps, I love them too, but don't use my snap setter as often as I could. You have inspired me to make a note. Cute blouse!

  5. I am so not a horse person that I admire your guts when it comes to handling them. Cooper is going to be a fine horse with your care.
    Snaps! They do make a satisfying sound! Nicely done.

  6. What a great solution for finishing your blouse! It can be a pain to find the right buttons. I'm sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that you're feeling better soon.
    It looks like your furry family is getting along just great :-)