Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Just in Time Turkey Day Apron

And gosh, have I needed one...for years! I am a messy cook so an apron is a very welcome addition to the daily effort.

This one has cute pockets and is fully lined. It was a lot of fun throwing this together early this morning, just in time.

We have had some other sewing success. The rayon/lycra knit (diva of the fabric world I'm sure) was difficult and time consuming to work with compounded by a pattern that has 24 darts spread through the garment (12 on the sleeves, 4 on the back and 8 on the front) all radiating down from the neck line. What Einstein picked it for this fabric?
Ah, that would be me. The finished top came out well in spite of my struggles and is quite wearable and comfortable.

Next up and in keeping with the green/cream/black theme is this 60's inspired A line tunic. It fits like a glove and I swear makes me look like I lost 10 pounds just slipping it over my head.

I used exactly 2 yards (that's all there was) of a light decorator weight cotton canvas. A winner for sure!

I want to wish everyone stopping by, a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if it may not be your holiday today. We have a lot to be thankful for here. Gene and I count family, friends and furkids high on our long list of bounty. Oh and football! ;)

The cats Rodger, Juno and Buzz are thankful for slow mice.

Horses Cooper, Dandy and Nick are thankful good carrots and apples are available all year.

Donkeys Sugarfoot, Ladybird and Star are grateful for warm coats.

Charlotte is thankful she is still top dog, Dennett is thankful for his daily walk.
Jack is thankful he can leap the dutch doors, Pogo is thankful the stitches in his butt will be coming out next week.
Smoochie is ever grateful for dropped food, Peter is thankful for soft pillows and down throws.
Bea is thankful her knee is holding up so well after surgery 2 years ago, Robin is thankful that my Dad taught him to jump up on the sofas and chair.
And Stella... Stella is thankful it is Robin's turn to wear the Hat of Embarrassment this year.
Robin is an awfully good sport BTW.
Don't worry, he is not scarred for life. A little turkey and all embarrassment shall be forgotten! :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Gene and all the pups.....well, and the rest of the menagerie also!!!

    Great apron! Those pockets are cool!


  2. And, I'm thankful I found your blog! Robin looks just fine in the hat, but I think I can hear Stella snickering in the background.

  3. Love the doggie hat/body sweater thing!

  4. Love the apron!! And you whipped it up on Thanksgiving morning?!? amazing.

  5. I, too, am thankful for your blog (and for living close enough to Ashland to go to the same fabric shop you frequent!).

  6. Happy Thanksgiving a day late to all you running amuck out there in Oregon.

  7. Thankful that you share the bounty of your wonderful animals we me. Sweet Robin looks adorable in the hat of shame! Hope your turkey day was awesome!

  8. Robin is better than a good sport, he's a real doll!

    I just love the apron! So cute, and you just "threw it together"??? I'm envious!