Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On To The New Challenges

The last of the cut out TNT patterns has been finished and I'll admit it right here and now, I adore my little snap tool! My short list of sewing needs has more snaps at the very top. Good sized antique brass snaps were used on this top. This is Kwik Sew 3620 with the shawl collar done in some fine Japanese cotton. Needs a good pressing too!

And then it was on to something new, a lot of somethings new are in the works.
First up to get my feet wet on pattern auditions is a new one by Indygo Junction.
It's IJ 867 Mod Top and Tunic and I am in love with it.

As a child in the 60's this hit just the right note with me. The fabric had been one I admired from afar, so when this pattern came in it was an easy pick. It's a heavier cotton canvas and should hold up well.

Hope so as it's going to get a lot of wear. I'll be making this again with some very minor tweaking in other fabrics. Gotta find my old Go-Go boots and break out some Nancy Sinatra maybe. ;)

Yesterday was a pattern and fabric cutting day as I loaded myself up with projects.
Here is what we accomplished.

Sewing Workshop ZigZag Shirt in aqua baby wale corduroy.

I can't say enough good things about these patterns. They are cleverly designed and well drafted. The instructions are first rate too. Almost all of their styles are flattering to many many body types.

Cut and ready for sewing is also Vogue 1173.

I added this pattern to my collection the last sale Vogue patterns had ($4.99) and paired it with a very nice drapey rayon knit.
I have not conquered knits and both the fabric and pattern will be a challenge. The front, back and sleeves all have multiple dart details. I'm doing a tunic length with long sleeves.

I didn't do anything with this but look at it. It's ambitious and I have some spectacular fabrics for it should I be able to pull it off. Silk velvet in a deep midnight blue and a lace base with what looks like a hand dyed jersey sewn and slashed on top.

Very interesting and actually quite pretty. The pattern will get a good fitting on Rhonda and I'll decide then to go for the good stuff or do a test muslin first. I'm getting better at translating how the pattern fit looks in the finished garment.

Last up for yesterdays marathon prep session is a coat pattern that has been just waiting for me to be brave enough to tackle it. Sewing Workshop Verona Coat.

It took quite a while to cut out all the pattern pieces since it also has a lining. I needed to do a pin fitting to see what size I want to construct my test garment in.

This is basically going to be a wearable (I hope) muslin.

If it works out I get a nice new "around town" winter coat and can finally use the Italian cotton wool plaid (I have been petting and loving in my stash) for a much needed good spring coat.

In other news, the horse shelter is standing proudly with 3 sides and the roof trusses up. Of course it's all frame right now, but serious progress none the less. I bought a third waterproof blanket for Dandy so the boys really will be okay without for a while yet. Most times they used the trees over the shelter anyway.

The shoulder is feeling better and I've thrown the shuttle a time or two over the weekend. I also made time for a nice fall ride. Sunday football carried on just fine without me for that few hours. As a side note, Cooper was quite sweaty and damp from our ride, that fall combination of warm day/heavy winter coat and I was worried he wouldn't dry out in time for the late afternoon temperature drop. For the first time ever I used the cooler sheet I have had for just this scenario. He stood like a champ while I threw it on. The donkeys got brushed and everyone, right down to the barn cats, got some treats and extra attention.

Parting shot: Lend me your ears....


  1. A full days work in that cutting and a coat too! and I am so jealous, my mom would not let me have go-go boots. Oh the agony.

  2. Wow!!! You've been really, really productive. I feel tired now and I think I'll go lay on the sofa ;-)
    I enjoy reading about the unique sewing that you do.

  3. Wow...I hope you have electric shears or something! That's a lot of cutting...my hand/wrist would be screaming.

    Glad the shoulder is improving!

  4. Gosh, and I remember when all we had were McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, and Vogue. Love, love, love the coat pattern and fabric. That will be wonderful this winter.

  5. I'm intrigued by the Sewing Workshop patterns. I'm considering sewing with handwovens, and they look like they might work well.

    Our weather is changing... It's been too blustery, actually flat out windy to get the pony out to work with her. They just don't pay attention with the wind whistling through their ears!!

  6. Theresa, you are my sewing hero.

  7. I've been looking for a tunic pattern - didn't think to look in dresses. I really love the one you found. Vogue is always my favorite. I think the patterns are classy.

    Your horse shed is going up and our llama shed is going down. The recent wind storm just about finished it off.