Sunday, November 6, 2011


Can you find the terrier?

Nothing says winter has arrived like a hearty stew and after two days of snow spewing forth, I can say; Winter has arrived! And stew has been made. Your basic throw it all in kitchen sink kind of stew with root veggies, the last of the fresh green beans and my personal favorite in just about anything...mushrooms.

It cooked in the crockpot all day and when Gene and I came in from a ton of evening chores, there it was, smelling good and waiting for us to heap some into bowls.

In farm news, the foundation for the new stall barn is poured and curing. It is covered with hay and tarps. Next week the building will begin in earnest. In the meantime, I have done something I have never done and that is blanket the horses. Basically rain sheets to keep them dry. Heavy denier poly/nylon cordura type rugs with no poly fill lining. Curly horses really do grow a dense warm coat but even that with a long enough period of wet weather will finally allow them to get soaked to the skin. Wet skin equals cold horses and with no true shelter available, this was a good option. Let me take this moment to mention that I should have been keeping the horses use to the sight and sound of said blankets. We had QUITE the rodeo getting them on. Once over their backs though everyone relaxed and went back to what they truly love to do. Eat hay!

The donkeys are staying snug and dry in their coats with quilted linings. The horse trailer is doing double duty this year as a run in for them and is working perfectly. The little front tack area gives me a place to hang the blankets when not in use and the trailer itself is matted and bedded with shavings making it very easy to keep clean and the donkeys themselves don't often go where they hang out, preferring certain parts of the fence line. The horses too prefer certain areas for their business.

Dennett had his 6 month blood work up, other than some adjustment downward with his thyroid meds, everything is stable or better than in June. He soldiers on and has enjoyed the last two days of snow very much. It was discovered that Pogo (the day after I took Dennett to the vet) had an abscessed anal gland. A miserable time was had by all dealing with that but he is on the mend and I still have all my fingers, keeping where it was lanced, open and draining.

Robin had his first real taste of winter yesterday and loved it. We went for a walk with Jack (who has to be leashed) through the back 40.

It snowed, they sniffed and played.

I took pictures. A great time was had by all.

I have managed to get some sewing done. One pair of wool pants is done, the second ready for hemming. The wool was a pleasure to work with.

It cut like butter and sewed up beautifully. The pocket lining used in this pair is leftover from the kitchen curtains.

I love that fabric but there was only enough for curtains. I bought the last of the bolt. One more cotton pair of pants and a blouse are cut, marked and waiting for assembly. The next batch of sewing will be all new patterns to try. I'm hoping for some winners in there.

Parting shot: Wow! All this just for me. ;)


  1. The snow looks lovely in your pictures....and Robins seems to be really enjoying his adventure...but I'm so glad the snow is there, and not here!!!!

  2. Winter came suddenly, and is staying here in the Basin. I'm blanketing Woodrow also, as he is 22 this year and getting babied a bit more. Those pants are cute!

  3. Oh my gosh Theresa, you really do have winter! I can't say that I mind that all we got was fall. Your crock pot looks wonderful and I love the idea of mushrooms in beef stew! I'm definitely going to have to try that.

  4. The happy terrier in the snow is a happy sight for me. Alexia would say he's stinkin' cute. That's her new adjective.

    I'm just wondering - have you ever dyed wool and then sewn with it? That crossed my mind today but I wouldn't know where to start.