Friday, November 18, 2011

Weaver's, Have I got a Pattern for YOU!

I know that just about all of us at one time or another have wished for a really good pattern to use some of our beautiful handwoven cloth with. Something useful, something not too fussy or fitted or big or complicated. Most of all, something that looks high end to show off all our hard work. Crafted, not crafty.

I happen to have just such a pattern! Once a month Fabric of Vision has an evening event called Swig and Stitch at Liquid Assets, a nice local wine bar . Sandi demo's and stitches, we swig two or three wine pairings and take over the full length of the bar and then some. For $18.00 we get wine, we get free patterns and we almost always learn a new technique or two. It's just a lot of fun and the bonus this past S&S, was a perfect pattern for handwovens.

The Pattern is The Hooded Scarf by Jamie Christina Sewing Patterns.

It has five variations and two sizes (adult & child). It is cleverly drafted and the instructions are thorough and easily understood. You will need a sewing machine, but due to the nice construction, you might not need a serger. The designers site is Flash heavy and my computer hates that stuff, but you can find it in stock at Fabric of Vision
and Sandi is happy to pop stuff in the mail. The number there is 541-482-4009, and yes, this could be considered a shameless plug for a wonderful shop and a great little pattern

I did a child's size using the cute pleat option, a button and a folded piece of pretty ribbon completed the pleat detail. The outside fabric is a beautiful and soft rust wool and the inside is a lovely cotton from the new Phillip Jacobs collection.

These fabrics are amazing in that they are color saturated but still soft and muted. It's a balance I wish I could achieve in a lot of my weaving. The scarf covers the back of my neck very well and is a winner for feeding. I have a great big water resistant coat with a barn type collar but the neck is large and I've always wished it had a knitted under collar. A detail you don't often find these days I might add. I wore it out yesterday to town and this morning doing early morning barn chores and loved its versatility. I need to make a few more and what great gifts they would make too!

So there you have it, something wonderful and timely for winter weaving.

Parting shot: Who need Man Ray when you've got Jack?


  1. I just went and ordered one from the website-thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Sisters, good for you! Let us know how it turns out when you get it made. :)

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome back!! I'm slowly gaining some momentum in my studio....not all of it deer-related!

    You have become quite the seamstress! That's awesome and inspiring!! There's hope for me yet!


  4. Okay now..that's enough. I just went to Haberman's yesterday and bought 2 sewing workshop patterns and one Loes Hinse I'm broke!

    BTW...what is with the curvy seam of the front interfacing and lining on the sewing workshop patterns? I've never seen that before.

  5. Sue, Nice to see you here too. Thank you for stopping by and I hope the studio mo continues. I've missed your voice these past months.

    Valerie, I've shopped at Haberman's on line for patterns. Lucky you to be so close. The SW patterns are expensive, but really, well worth it as they make up into really wearable garments. I don't know which patterns you got, but on many she (Linda Lee) uses the curve on the facing to be part of the collar shaping and facing. Makes for a lovely soft curve too. I'm finishing up on the SW Zig Zag top and it has a very interesting collar/yoke construction. Have fun with them. Did you get any fabrics??? The hood pattern I think is under $10.00, we got it free with the Swig & Stitch so I'm unsure of the cost.
    Let me know how you like the Lois Hinse pattern, please!

  6. What a great idea! Both the scarf and the Swig and Stitch. I am sure that would work here in Richmond too as we have a wine bar very close to Yarn Lounge!

  7. I also ordered it from the Jamie Christina site....thanks for the tip. You're the best!!!!

  8. This is something I've been looking for. Not that I knew about the hooded scarf pattern, but it looks perfect for me! The S&S sounds like a lot of fun too.

  9. thank you for posting this i LOVE this pattern! i tried to order it online but they are only a presence not a shop online. so i filled in my "contact us" information and hopefully two things 1) I recall what pattern i wanted when i wrote them and 2) they still haev some left!

    thank you for your input on all the patterns you use i really appreciate your comments
    denise/deBRAT who has been sick fro two weeks and the sore throat is back again!

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us! You did a wonderful job of pairing your fabrics for your version.