Monday, October 31, 2011

They're There

Yep, Friday night we had our last dinner together at the Peerless Restaurant. As always the food and spirits where first rate and conversation and dessert lively. All too soon the meal (and the visit) were over. My folks flew home to Massachusetts ahead of the Nor'easter that came up the Atlantic coast. They woke up Sunday morning in their own beds to some of the white stuff and a downed branch in the driveway. I spent Sunday wishing for a longer visit, thinking about next spring and being grateful the Patriots game was blacked out.

We had a wonderful visit, the shopping was good, the eating and drinking...better!
Both my Mother and Father are great cooks and each did a few fabulous meals. I will say, my Mom gets points for always doing the clean-up and Dad for doing the daily run down the mountain for supplies except on Sunday's of course! ;) It's amazing what we can dream up when we all get together.

Robin and my Dad took to one another and each day the two would head out for a stroll. The donkey's got some extra attention too not to mention lots of carrots. Stella
got her fair share of ball throwing each day and Smoochie, who adores my Mother more than anyone he knows, lavished her with attention.

There was also some sewing, Mom picked out some neon green corduroy at Fabric of Vision and I whipped her up another Quincy top.

Got one done for myself too!

Dad got some wonderful hand dyed Tencel yarn at Webster's and will be making a beautiful scarf or two from it. Just grand stuff from Prism. Here's my hank.

His was in greys, blues and bronzes. Sorry no pictures. As is typical, I put the camera away during these much anticipated and enjoyed visits and go with the flow.

I managed to get a prayer flag done and sent home with my Mom that was requested last spring. They are so time consuming and I have to be honest, writing out the prayers always makes me rather depressed since it was a Rainbow Bridge flag.

The towel warp is again being woven on, but not too much. I need to get those rolling as the holidays are just around the corner and I need a lot of towels!

The horse shelter is slowly moving along too. Gene completed the digging and form building Sunday and will be getting rebar today and pouring the concrete foundation tomorrow. From there it's all simple building and I hope goes quickly.

Parting shot: Small-Medium-Large.


  1. Cute Quincy jackets! Can believe you got two of them done with company!

    Love the small, med., large photo.

  2. Family visits are always fun - sounds like yours was super!

    I have a towel question - I have a bunch of 8/2 cotton that I'd like to weave into towels. What sett do you use?

    I'm getting back into weaving after a 7+ year hiatus. It's fun, but my brain has purged all of it's useful info, and I feel like I'm starting all over...

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  3. Valerie, I wish I could have gotten more sewn/woven etc, but you know all that pesky shopping and gluttony got in the way!
    Small and medium are actually the same size now, small may be moving into mediums position. ;)

    Laura, I usually go somewhere around 20 epi for 8/2. It all depends on weave structure. For a little reminder book to keep on hand I can't say enough about The Weaver's Companion. I use it ALL the time.

  4. That parting shot is priceless! I love that you just "whipped up" a gorgeous top for your mother and yourself in no time flat. And that Tencel yarn! I'm absolutely drooling over that.

  5. I love both of those Quincy tops - great color and very cool fabric on yours.

  6. And a lovely time was had by all, though apparently you did exhaust the dogs - cute shot. I cannot believe how quickly you whip out garments, she said admiringly. (Remember the Nancy Drew game where you had to use adverbs? That's no cow, she uttered.)