Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's Play Dress Up

Oh heavens, Robin isn't the only one wearing some gear these days. Who would have expected wet snow on October 5th? Not me! But there it was, snow here in the air and snow actually sticking just a bit higher up. And now I have three Miniature MEDITERRANEAN Donkeys. I'm pretty sure it doesn't snow where they are originally from and donkeys with the exception of the Baudet du Poitou,have a pretty skimpy coat. Hence my having to go out and dress the donks yesterday.

Brand new waterproof coats with warm linings came out of the packages and onto the donkeys. And they were pretty good about it too. I didn't get kicked and the only one who appeared never to have been blanketed was Sugarfoot. The girls stood like like little troopers while I adjusted and crossed back leg straps. Sugarfoot needed a bit of a lead around with just the neck and belly strap buckled but finally relaxed enough for me to do the back leg strap cross.

He got carrots, they all got carrots and then went and wandered around their paddock admiring each others new clothes. They hopefully stayed warm and dry last night as the temps dropped to below freezing. I will undress them today once it has warmed up.

Robin is doing well although his maid is becoming weary of bagging his wrapped foot for the wet outdoors. He is so good though and while he'd tear that bandage to pieces if left for very long on his own, he minds his manners about it for the most part.
I've put a little infant sock over the whole wad to keep it clean and he seems less likely to want to chew that.

We'll change it today and check on the nail growth. Once he has a bit of it over the exposed bone he'll be good to go without the bandage. About two weeks.

I managed to carve out some time from cleaning and puppy care on Sunday and had a fabric cutting bonanza while I watched and listened to football. Lord knows there is enough of it on Sunday! A couple of shirts have been completed, another three are cut
and waiting for marking and then I can start in on them as I have time. The first of the completed shirts is a second rendition of the grey tie blouse. I opted not to do the ties and did a better job of grading.

It fits very nicely and I love the soft interesting print. Yesterday morning we had a disaster with it though. I was serging one of the side seams and the fabric from the side front got creased and serged under it. Now mine is an old serger, fast and powerful and cuts quicker than you can take a breath. A large V cut was created in the front panel. I creatively patched it after shedding some tears and truth be told, I like it better. I LOVE happy accidents.

The second top is my standard TNT (tried and true) Hot Patterns shirt.

I did the collar for the first time and I like it. Of course I cut it way down along with the stand to be more like ready to wear.

That is my main gripe with just about all shirt patterns. The collar and the stand are too big. I took this down by almost half. Next time I may trim it even more and do a button down collar.

The loom is all back and ready for weaving.

In fact I might get to some of that today after I put my portion of cleaning time in. I loved that one dark brown/mink colored towel and think I will do a couple of them for myself.

The folks will be arriving next Saturday and we're both getting excited. This Saturday hay arrives and that should excite everyone outside. Hay is costly this year, less growers since the livestock market has tanked, especially horses and those that are, sell out of their barns and fields in small tonnage amounts. Fewer farms are offering delivery. We're paying about what we did last year for hay. Buying less with just three horses but spending more. The donkeys don't eat enough to really add into the equation, much like the goats.

Parting shot: "More cut carrots, Please!"


  1. All of your BUSY just makes me dizzy (and I feel so lazy!) The print on the white fabric is very found just the right project for it.

  2. I was wondering if you got some snow - just torriential rains here and chilly.

  3. Snow! The donkeys look cozy and I love the shirt fabric.

  4. Yikes! Snow and October...two words that should never appear in the same sentence.

    donkeys w/ coats: sounds like a Tomie dePaolo book!

    Love the design feature on the serger slash shirt. I'll file that idea...the serger can certainly get ahead of me.

    No word about the little stamp design feature on the polka dot blouse? Tease!

    Happy weaving!

  5. I like both blouses very much, especially like the second pattern. What do you mean by the collar and the stand are too big?

  6. Aw, poor Robin. Big hugs for his maid. And the donkeys are too much! I like the blouses too. Have you ever sewn anything from your handwoven?