Friday, February 25, 2011

Zoot Suit

Well, maybe a modern day Zoot Suit. But you never know, I could be channeling Bonnie Parker! This particular set of separates is all linen and actually from two different patterns.

The top is Simplicity 3786 and the pants, my go- to pattern from The Sewing Workshop. I trimmed them down again to a size small and am happy with the results.
A new pocket shape was drafted for these and moved to even higher on the hip. Since linen does tend to stretch, the pockets have been interfaced and lined. It gave them a bit more weight but also stability. The top can be worn alone or as a vest as I have done it here on Rhonda.

The long sleeve blouse version (with pin tucks) of this pattern is next up with some beautiful cotton double gauze. These pieces will be packed for my trip back east at the end of April. We go out a fair bit, mostly nice places and barn wear just doesn't cut it not even for the occasional dive.

So, I guess you could say this is how I spent my snow days and we have had a couple of good snow days up here in the mountains.

Old Man Winter is practical joker you know. The moment my paddock begins to dry out he feels the need to give me another months worth of melt, which of course, translates to melt=mud. They must be next to each other on SOME periodic table? ;)

The dogs are driving me nuts. Something about fresh snow and cold weather. They play outside and then come inside and continue the rough housing, the boisterous rough housing. It's made Dennett, Peter and Bea quite grouchy having the youngsters race by them with no thought to politeness or etiquette. They've been huffing and chuffing over it like a bunch of old hens. Hey, wait a minute, they ARE the old hens (and roosters) of the crew!

The weekend will be spent shoveling, "sledding" to town, and on the looms.

Parting shot: The Devil & Mrs. Jones...


  1. You got the snow and we got the wild wind and thunder storms! It's time to change the seasons!!! Love the'll get a lot of use from those two pieces! LOVE the parting shot........

  2. that sewing machine must be smoking! Great outfit.

  3. the zoot suit is very attractive. so what is that holding the vest - a pin with a pup???

  4. Oh good eye Cindie! That is a Chickenscratch pin, The Fox and the Grapes. The vest is actually sewn completely closed, so it's an over the head deal, but the pattern called for a frog and I prefer to save that space for one of my pretty pins.
    Evelyn, they are smokin aren't they! They'll get a rest this weekend.
    LA, thank you I do hope that I get a good amount of wear from these pieces. The linen, while not terribly expensive, wasn't cheap either. I lament that it's blue but nice green fabric of any kind seems to be in short supply. And I might end up looking like an elf....HA! Stella and Pogo do make such a winsome little tableau, if you only knew what mischief those two get into.

  5. We've had the same day here with boisterous dogs. They wear me out and in their rambunctious play,they dumped a plant onto the floor. It's cold so they get so excited to be outdoors and two minutes later are at the glass, noses pressed against it begging to come in. And repeat.

    I love the outfit but would wear it as separates to avoid a Startrek look.

  6. I love your outfit!!!! You make that sewing machine rock

    Love the puppies as of today Feb 27 we don't have any snow and I just hope it stays that way. Could still get some in March but I sure hope not.

  7. Zoot Suit! Takes me back to me an my mom in the 70' was such a familiar phrase for us. Thanks for the memory.
    The sewing looks great so far!
    As for the snow. OMG. We are over the top! Of the grill, the doors, everything. This is a record snow for our farm and I shudder to think of the melting with any rainfall, which comes in tomorrow.

    Love those two pups! Oh, Mrs. Jones...

  8. Theresa - I am really enjoying your sewing posts. They almost make me want to give it a try! Keep it up and eventually I will!

  9. Love your blog, especially the pooches!!! Nominated you for a "Stylish Blog" award. Check my recent blogpost for the details!!!