Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet Rhonda

Bet you thought I was going to show you a new critter! Heck no, but I will show you my newest helpful assistant. Rhonda, the dress form.

You can hum strains to Help, Help Me Rhonda for the rest of the day like I've been doing. Let me tell you she created QUITE the stir last night when the crew got a look at her. Had I not been calming everyone down I would have taken a pic or two.

Once I got her set up and adjusted (which was quite easy), she was ready to go to work assisting. Her first job was to help me overcome my fear of fitting knits and jersey and we did quite well I think. This is a nice heavy cotton jersey with lycra, just perfect for this Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern. It was a dream to have a 3 D figure to pin and drape onto checking for fit.No muslin was done for this pattern, I just jumped right in. The pattern itself has sewn up quite nicely and I'm looking forward to finishing the neck,hemming, tossing it in the washer to clean up the chalk marks and wearing it.

My little handwoven scarf certainly looks happy against the deep chocolate brown.

Her second job was to be a model for the shirt I finished up yesterday.

It is the same Favorite Things Classic Shirt pattern but this time done up in oh so bright companion fabrics. Occasionally, you just have to go with a something a little different than usual!

So, the sewing machines will take a bit of a rest and I'll get back on the looms tomorrow. I'm almost done with the work space(s) reorganization, no looms have left, I'm happy with all of them, but I did finally make the decision to sell the Timbertops wheel. I loved the idea of it more than I enjoyed using it. I've found my little Schacht Ladybug to be just right and very versatile for the small amount of time I actually spend spinning. The Timbertops made it's way to her new home in the Carolinas last week. The sale allowed me to complete my sewing area, place an order for some weaving yarns, add some fabrics to my stash and banish my guilt for not using and enjoying such a special wheel.

A small note of congratulations go out to Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound and winner at Westminster Kennel Club show. My folks had deerhounds for years and they are lovely dogs! Glad to see them in the spotlight once in a while. But wasn't that terrier group something! ;)

Parting Shot: Beauty Sleep (Dreaming of next year's Westminster...)


  1. I really like the shirt you did using the different prints. Right up my alley. I do need to get my patterns out and sew some for myself but it's way down on the list!!

  2. I did love watching the terrier group last night! The little Staffy male looked just like my little Sass! It just made me miss her more! But your beautiful blouse inspires me to off I go!

  3. I'm loving the tops you come up with, including the "test" top in an earlier post. You inspire me. I know I've said that before and not done anything, but I am inspired.

  4. Oh you are a lucky girl I've always wanted a dress form but never have bought one!

    Love the gray and pink shirt so cute!

  5. I love your shirt!!!!!!! It is so cute!

  6. DeeDee says "Hi" to Rhonda. She is jealous that Rhonda has new clothes to wear. Dee is just lazy this winter.

    That new shirt is beautiful!

  7. I am a complete mush for your parting shots and this one is so special. It's your comment that sends the photo into a new realm. Precious.