Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whatever Shall I Do?

There must be others that find themselves at odds about what to do with their Sundays
now that the football season is over. It's not that I don't have anything to do, but one day a week I could beg off all the little things, plop myself in the comfy chair wrapped in a blanket and critters and have the guilty pleasure of being a lazy, armchair quarterback. For some strange reason every time I think about the end of the football season, the strains of Don't Cry for Me Argentina start playing in my head...pitiful, I know.

But I have been somewhat productive. Here is a picture of what is likely the last towel.

I bought this all cotton yarn ages ago for a knitting project. Well, we know how fast I knit and there it was, just begging to be used in something that would be seen on a regular basis.

And of course, some sewing. I finished up a test garment from Favorite Things Classic Shirt Pattern. I'm so happy I bought cotton on sale instead of plain muslin.

Quite often the sale bin at Fabric of Vision contains something a little nicer than true muslin and runs around .50 more per yard. Since I usually buy 3 yards, this means I spent 1.50 extra for a wearable shirt assuming the pattern came out well the first time. It did and I did and here is the picture complete with Mr. Jack who just has to be near always.

It's been a shopping week. I did pick up a second ball of yarn for the overshot planned and while I was there I spied this little pin. Remind you of someone?

It was just too cute not to splurge on. For those that have never been to the Web-sters, along with a huge selection of fabulous yarns. they carry beautiful art clothes, amazing garments done by fiber artists country wide, handbags, hats and some incredible jewelry. This little pin is by a new artist to the store and there was a charming selection of cats too. I might have to scarf another up for a Mother's Day present.

Yesterday Cindie and I met up for a little morning shopping marathon. I needed a few things at Joann's Fabrics, most importantly a cutting table. The floor or my low sewing table, while both roomy, weren't suiting as far as my back was concerned.
JA had one that folds and is a nice 35" height and pretty inexpensive especially when coupled with a 40% off coupon.

Guess I know one thing I'll be doing today for sure..assembly! Buttons, thread and some pant fabrics rounded out my adventure. I dropped off my Bernina for a cleaning and service (Cindie dropped hers off too so they are keeping each other company) and after lunch, Cindie was off to a meeting and I was off to finish up errands. A wonderful way to while away a Saturday.

I also want to show you the lovely little coin purse Cindie made and gifted me with.

How cute is this!!?? Gosh even the little card is adorable. Thank you Cindie, so much!

Parting shot: Don't be lookin' at MY bone!


  1. I LOVE the way Jack holds his bone! Such a smart fellow! Your blouse turned out great....I think we'll see more of that pattern later, right?

  2. That is a great blouse! Are we going to see one in handwoven fabric coming up? Love the doggie pin - I would splurge on something like that as well as that great sewing table.

  3. See you've found lots to do...busy and out of trouble.And the shirt is perfect.
    Even the doggies have found a way to enjoy their Sunday.
    Have a good one.
    Susan x

  4. I am really enjoying seeing your sewing projects lately - the Classic Shirt pattern is awesome!

  5. What a cute outfit and photo of you in it!

    Of course Jack is also cute, but I bet he would prefer handsome.

  6. Sunday is a day of rest in my book! But I always do alittle knitting or spinning!

    Love the new shirt very cute!

  7. Thank you all on the shirt, and Evelyn, I hope to do a completely handwoven blouse some day soon. I need to start thinking about a fine warp and what kind o draft I would use to make the shirt durable and sturdy.
    LA, you know me so well, and that this first one was a "muslin" and yes, the second one is done, just waiting for the last 3 buttons and a good pressing. Jack holds his bones like that all the time. Some of the others have learned from him.
    Miss Maddie, why yes, I did manage to keep myself entertained!
    Dawn, good to see you stopped over. It IS a fun pattern.
    LOTL, Jack lets you call him almost anything if he gets a treat out of it! I love his expressions. He has the most interesting face.
    Julie, I'm with you, even though I don't go to work, I still think of Sundays as a low key day.

  8. The pin is perfect. It has your modeling assistant down to a T.