Friday, February 18, 2011

Shiny Shiny!

The lovely silk warp is threaded and awaiting sleying on Hey Baby!. I can't get over how shiny and difficult it is to get nice pics because of that. But I did my best since it is such a pretty warp. I might name it Sister Goldenhair, because that's what comes to mind when I look at it. It warped on like a dream. Unlike the fine cotton warp, the silk has weight and body and threading it was easy too. The pinwheel pattern will be quite subtle since I've chosen a variegated and a solid both with the same sunny yellow, but I'm hoping the greens and taupe's in the multicolored yarn will carry the day.

The scarf worked out to be 10" when all was said and done although it might get a little narrower if I decide to sley a bit closer. I have enough on for a wee bit of sampling.

Rhonda the dress form saw a little activity yesterday too. I pulled this lovely Colette pattern from my binder and started a little fitting to see which size I should commit to.
The fabric I'm using is a soft shot cotton woven like a color changing silk. Tan on the warp, dark indigo on the weft.

If it had the silk shine it would do that iridescent thing, but is still quite pretty with the shade of tan shot through. I like it. The Colette pattern itself is a treasure. Printed on heavy card stock the directions come in book form.

Just a beautiful idea and the patterns are all geared for curvy figures. Of course I am past curvy and might be heading towards lumpy, but you get the idea! Here I'm trying to decide if I want to change the neckline to a sweetheart style or leave the keyhole. Either way the front neckline is too high for my comfort and will be graded lower.

The Postman brought some fabric yesterday.

The gold I'm disappointed in, it's a bit brighter than it seemed on screen, but the grey cotton twill pant weight fabric is just perfect. I LOVE it. It has a deep magenta stripe running through it

I'll be trying my hand on my first fly front pants and will probably save this for when I have a good working pattern. Maybe sacrifice the yellow for a muslin. The hot pink floral is for a another blouse pattern which calls for a light stretch cotton. It'll be a bright one for sure.

We've had snow on and off since late Monday night/early Tuesday. Quite the change from our spring like 3 weeks of sunshine and temps in the high 40's and 50'sF. It also means an interesting slide down the hill to town this morning. The horses have enjoyed it though. We've both caught them through the day running and playing up a storm. The goats, not so much but they were wandering pretty far looking for browsing. Better than hiding out in their hut or under the trees with the horses.

Parting Shot: Hey, where's my bone!

And Valerie, it's musical bones around here but plenty for all.


  1. The silk warp looks so beautiful! Looking forward to the results. Love the dress form and the way you can fit the pattern. Is that the paper pattern you are fitting onto it or do you use fabric? Haven't sewn anything in so long and never used a dress form, but your sewing has gotten my interest piqued and I have trunks of fabric!

  2. Evelyn, I'm using the paper pattern. I do a first cut out so I have the patterns shapes, then decide what size I need and the adjustments, trace and then cut my fabric.
    Pattern companies stopped giving finished measurements and for that, they should all be scolded. Those finished measurements are important since they give the true ease of that particular garment. Oh, trunks of fabric, sounds like treasure to me!

  3. I have never used a dress form, but I can see that it would come in very handy (especially now that I'm not the normal pattern size!) It's kind of funny how things have shifted as I've aged....or maybe not so funny! I love the bright colors you have chosen for your tops!

  4. LA, things do seem to shift over time. When I complained years ago about my stomach ( which was really nonexistent) I didn't mean I needed the girls to sink down to hide it. ;)
    Thanks, I like the colored fabric too, a nice change from dark, practical colors.

  5. Your silk warp looks like it will be wonderful to weave with! I love the sheen of silk, and the softness/drape of your scarf will make it a favorite, I'm sure. It looks like you are having a great time sewing some very stylish clothes! Enjoy yourself.

  6. I've never thought about ordering fabric online. My family has gone home - time to break out the sewing machine. BTW, who do you order fabric from and how can you know what you're getting.