Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whatever DID I Do?

Well, I got that dang table together, with a little help from DH Gene. They include a little wrench and I use that term loosely. That wrench caused a lot of frustration but Gene came to the rescue with a bit more patience and better tools. Note to self, add a good adjustable wrench to the tool bag. All in all it was a funny scene. Gene and I on the floor with table parts and bags of screws, nuts, washers and bolts scattered around and all the dogs on the bed watching intently. Stella learned that she was not welcome when stuff like this is going on and joined the rest of the crew in the (peanut?) gallery.

For the money spent on this it's a great table. It is fairly sturdy, folds well and with the addition of a cover I can iron on it too. Rolls easily over my hard floors and the height is just perfect.

I'm a happy camper. I wish I had had it when I was making quilts. It would have made everything so much easier. I give 4 out of 5 stars. The top could be a little thicker and it probably could be made a bit more beefy and it is made in China. It is available at Joann's Fabric only, as far as I can tell, list price is $129.00USD but they always have coupons and sales. I used a 40% off coupon I had received for it.

The towel warp comes off today and the overshot warp hopefully will get measured out and put on by the weekend. That's the plan at least. And we know all about plans don't we! I also have a post that needs finishing due to a lovely award from Michelle at Boulderneigh and of course I'm still working on the common cold cure....;)

Yesterday both DH and I slowed down for just a few moments to enjoy St. Valentines Day. It's not one of our favorite holidays, but neither one of us needs much of an excuse to give a fun card, have some chocolates and a meal topped off with a nice bottle of wine. I actually got two cards, one via the computer. I hope everyone enjoyed and kept the day in their own special way.

Parting shot: He's been at it again...


  1. That looks like a great table, well worth the frustration of having to put it together. I don't even know where there is a Joanne's near me. Not that I have room for even a lovely folding table at the moment. But who knows. One of these days my house might actually be orderly and then I'd have a place for it.

  2. It's funny, but I have a fairly new folding table too. So far I've unfolded it, set up my sewing machine and then haven't found a reason to fold it back up. But it's nice to know that I can!!! (I have been using the sewing machine the tiniest bit....so it's all good!)


  3. Nothing like a good work surface! Looks like your table is a winner. The shirt in the last post looks great!

    Gosh you are a productive person.

  4. Some assembly required? Those words can really make a person uneasy, can't they? I like your table and the fact that it folds up so nicely. Great choice!

  5. That table is on my list of "wants". How nice that you have it all put together and it is ready for your next project. :) Oh, your floor, I do love it. Painted then stenciled, that is wonderful.


  6. Glad the table was worth it in the end. I am meeting a friend who quilts at a fabric store today so she can help me pick out colors for an applique wall hanging. This is not my forte, so wish me luck!

  7. Looks good, I understand the little wrenches and the stupid instructions all too well. We put together 7 item since the move and if I never put any furniture together ever again, it will be too soon. LOL..

  8. I'm so happy the table is working you! Table height can make all the difference!!! Also, LOVE the card...and you do have a CREW!

  9. I have one of those tables. They are wonderful!

  10. Barb, The table is well worth the cost. I used it all yesterday to great effect cutting out cotton jersey, single layer and it made all the difference.
    LA, Stella sure was a cute baby!
    DEOTL and Judy, yes, those few little words instill fear and loathing in our house most times!
    Michelle, I know you will make something beautiful and have fun doing it.
    Sue, way to go on the sewing machine! Can we see what you're working on maybe?
    Thank you Valerie. It IS nice to have a good work surface. I'm so pleased.
    Leigh, Joann's is online too.....;)

  11. Love =, love, love the concept of these tables. At this point even they would have to squeeze into my studio, That's crazy!
    Now that man of yours is, in the words of an NH native, "wicked good on the computa".