Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Already?!

As the Car Talk guys say, you've wasted another perfectly good week. Not waste really but depending on how you measure these things it might have been more productive. I did not find an answer to world peace, global warming or a cure for the common cold.
I did make a top and pants, do a little weaving, play with dogs. cats, horses and goats, enjoy my Dad's weaving and finished organizing my uber small sewing area.

Let's work down that fun list of what went on.

A test top was sewn and boy, talk about the difference in fit. I am glad this was 100% testing, it fit, but not anything well enough to bother finishing. This was a Burda pattern and the adjustments are so many and short sleeve top patterns so plentiful, we'll just go on and try another pattern. The fabric old and ugly left over from a garage sale find. A third pair of my much loved Sewing Workshop pants was made and I am super happy.

The fit is perfect, no surprises and it is such an easy and comfortable pair of pants you can't lose with this one. The little pocket detail is linen ribbon and matches the warp fibers of this fabric perfectly. Since it is a stretch denim it serves to stabilize the pocket
too. I could have done interfacing but this was much more fun.

I really need to find a good fly front trouser pattern for a more tailored look, and the search is on.

My Dad made another beautiful rug on his beast of a Harrisville/Collingwood loom.

He does a great job at the Damascus edge too and I know this takes a long tedious time, but the results, priceless.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on it for a close up. The offer has been thrown out there to give the loom a try when I head out for my visit.

Sewing room organization really ended up being pattern organizing.

I don't have many, although I did have some older ones and I parted with them for different reasons, mostly style and size. (The horrible vest pattern is sitting BY the trash, so if someone wants to give it a go, speak up or forever hold your peace.) I decided that putting my pattern envelopes in binders, along with directions

and putting the pattern pieces in plastic zip locks and filing them by number would work best for me. I can peruse my patterns organized by type (top, pants, coat etc.) easily and then pull it numerically if I want to use it.

It beats constantly flipping through envelopes, some of different sizes etc looking for just one thing. Plus it's fun to go through the binders and more portable. I can pull the yardage right off the pattern back . If I find a pattern online and I'm not sure I have it, I only need to check the patterns themselves filed by number. Should I get that tight on room, the box of patterns can go into another closet since it's the pattern envelopes that we all start with when choosing the next project.

Parting Shot: In My Own Little Corner, On my Own Little Chair


  1. Those pants look fab! That really is a go-to pattern! Great idea for pattern storage....I still have the little kids patterns from the days when my kids were little!!! I guess they're waiting for more little kids!

  2. You certainly are organized.
    Your Dad's rug is beautiful.
    The kittie has the most fascinating coat... love the spots.
    Stay warm!
    Susan x

  3. Great looking pants. I keep eyeing that pattern and I think you just convinced me to push the "buy" button. Awesome rug!

  4. Your dad's little rug is beautiful. His weaving is quite superb. And isn't it wonderful when something like your pants fits so well. I really do like that brown, BTW.

  5. That organization for patterns is GENIUS! I have to tell you, I didn't even know you had cats! Dogs aplenty, but maybe your cats are camera shy?
    Isn't it great to have a parent who weaves? And he does it really well!

  6. LA, I would say those patterns are waiting for more kids....:)
    Cindie, it's true, I do the same thing with weaving patterns. Copy and save them in a book so I don't have to go find them later when I want to weave them.
    Restless knitter et all, The rug is handsome and he has far surpassed me in this very technical of skills.
    Miss Maddie, Rodger does have fascinating spots and he's a charming cat.
    Peggy, buy it, it's a nice pattern.
    Leigh, having a few TNT (Tried and true) patterns means the phrase I don't have anything to wear can be banished!
    Maggie, it's not my idea, sewers everywhere use some form of this system. They get even more detailed! Yes, we have 3 cats. Rodger is the house cat, the other two are camera shy barn cats. This is a classic pose for him although he has made it into a number of Stella shots...
    It is great fun to have a parent who weaves!

  7. Inspiring as always though I am disappointed you didn't find the cure for the common cold. I guess we are all entitled to a slow week! Joking aside, I will get to some sewing tomorrow, dang it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Very smart pattern organization scheme! We do something similar with warranties (so boring, but so helpful once we got it in place).

    That rug of your dad's is awesome. I wonder if his offer for you to try the loom includes him warping it up for you so it's ready to go? (Or does that not sound like quite the treat to you that it would to me?)

    Great job on your sewing!


    PS: My knitting friend who visited has a sweater that's been in progress for 20 years. (There's an issue with the intended recipient.) So I don't think she'd take one of my UFOs.....although other people UFOs might not have the same emotion bogging them down!

  9. Your dad is amazing and the time he spends on the end makes such a great finish. I have gone at my patterns with intent of moving out the ones that no longer fit, but I've had them so long, that when I look at them, I'm flooded with all kinds of memories. So not productive.