Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The End of the Line

Well, not quite but the end of the long (for me) towel warp is in sight.

Looks like I am going to get one more full towel out of it (maybe two), and then I'll weave off what I can for samples, or wash/dish cloths or maybe to keep aside for creative sewing projects. I varied the treadle pattern on some. This white on white is more textural.

Most of these towels will be set aside towards the gift bank at the Davies household. But never fear, the next project is already more than just a glimmer. I have yarn, I have a draft, and I'll have an open loom. Hannah Hollandia is being dedicated this year to white or mostly while projects. Next one up is an eight shaft overshot

using a natural cotton warp and this lovely yarn doubled for weft.
This is Kauni from Denmark, 400m of a light fingering weight wool.

There are long natural colored repeats and it should be quite interesting to weave with to see what they do. I think I should probably buy a second skein so that I can wind two strands together and have the color sequences similar. We'll see.

The silk scarf warp is done and ready to be put on the loom in a more orderly manner.

It won't be quite as wide as I like as the multi colored silk yarn is now discontinued and what I have is all I have. But it should be enough. Plan B is, if I run short, this will morph into some fab embellishment on a sewn garment. Think collar, pocket or cuffs.

I spent a little time sewing up a test run through on a t shirt type pattern for knits. I have a hard time with knits. I just do. I bought cheap fabric and it wasn't a nice interlock but a tissue paper thin jersey and was just hard to deal with. The shirt came out well as far as technique and construction. Too big, WAY too big, but there is just enough test fabric to eek out a cute little pair of boxers and call it PJ's. When I cut into the good fabric I'll have a handle on the size and construction from this test garment. I also wanted to show you a photo of the new pants on, but this is what I got instead.

Sigh, I even got to take some of Jack along with me on my new pants. Short haired dogs shed as bad, if not worse, than those with long hair.

And speaking of short haired dogs, parting shots: Contraband, the series. The Chase is On!
Please note, Stella flips her ears back when running, making her much more aerodynamic and earning the names Shooting Star or ##&%! Greased Pig depending on the mood of the chaser or the contraband.


  1. Hey! Those new pants have now been tested and approved by the canine crew....what more can you ask for??? Don't you love how Stella's tail goes up when she rounds a corner? Kinda like a rudder....

  2. White on white looks wonderful but then I love neutrals. The new project yarns look interesting. Does the weft change colour?

  3. The white on white is lovely and looks like the antique homespuns they used to weave up here.
    That cute little purple number will make a perfect PJ combo...
    That rascal is so cute!
    Susan x

  4. Love the silk for the scarf! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it!

    Booker (my retriever) also grabs forbidden treasures and runs. He usually will trade for a treat (I know- a bad solution) but the other day he got one of my socks, and when I cornered him, he looked at me and just swallowed it whole! I couldn't believe it, and have been concerned that it would mean a vet trip, but so far, no problems. I suspect I'll find it in the yard when the snow melts, though I really don't want it back now!

  5. What a perfect post to illustrate the award I just nominated you for!

  6. The towels are beautiful with that weave structure. Lovely and practical; the best of both worlds.

  7. That was a wonderful feel-good post. Thanks! Did you make your gorgeous jacket too?

  8. LA, that tail makes a fine little grab handle too I might add. as it is supposed to. For non-terriers folks, don't wory, it's not like LBJ and the beagle ears. Terrier tails are made to set high and to be used to haul one out of a hole if need be. It's a slippery little thing though!

    Evelyn, Thank you and yes, the weft will change, they are gradual and long progressions I'm told.

    Maddie, Thank you, white on white is always nice and I am very happy with this combo. Good thing too, since it will appear in a lot of weaving this year.
    The rascal is adorable isn't she!

    Oh boy Kathy, Booker is a busy boy isn't he. I have had only one bolter of items and it is worrisome. A lot of work with a clicker and the drop it command helped. I don't think trading is a bad thing at all and he's a young dog. Whatever works! Thank you on the silk. I hope it will be as pretty as I imagined.

    Michelle, Guess I better get my butt over to Boulderneigh for a peek! Thank you!

    ASW, thank you. Towels are just about the perfect item to weave really. Although I want another go at pillowcases.

    Sharon, that jacket is actually a knitted sweater. It's lots of fun but also being cotton, heavy. I don't wear it often, but always enjoy it when I do. Thank you, it was a feel good post wasn't it!

  9. The overshot project looks really interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create. The towels you have woven have turned out great. I was thinking of weaving some towels in the future just to have on hand for gifts.

    Nice pants with pooch approval :-)

    Have a great day Theresa!