Friday, July 30, 2010

Pillow Case Progress

Well gosh you are all probably thinking it took long enough! I know I am. The weaving is delightful for these, fun with just enough treadle variation to keep it interesting but simple enough to build up a rhythm. I decided to make the deep hems a black/cream oxford like fabric in plain weave with just a bit of patterning. These will get folded in half so the little pattern blips will be about an inch and a half in from the edge.

The main body of the case will be the diamond trellis like pattern all over. Likely they will shrink quite a bit and just become a soft all over texture.

I am using a temple as there is a fair amount of draw in with the basket weave and I have one threading error which happily is right where it will be seamed so I am leaving it. You can't even see it using the cream on cream. Considering the time and interruptions while threading this warp, I am amazed there is only one error.

On farm news, besides the bug population being harassed one bug at a time, no bear and no car. Hopefully the car will be back from it's lengthy spa treatment next week. There will be lots of cheering when the Subaru comes home, not just from Gene, but a lot of the dogs too who much prefer rides in it than the truck.

Stella had her last puppy appointment Thursday (and shots) until September when she'll go in for her spay. At 4 months, she weighs in at a whopping 7.8 pounds. While there she made quick friends with a very large Greyhound. It was cute to see the two nose to nose, tails wagging and both wanting to break into a grand play session, but we were on the way in and Miss Greyhound on her way out, so it was not to be.

Friday was my much looked forward town day and boy did I need it. I had not been in the Websters since Carol left and there was lots of new things to see and touch! Some of them even came home with me. Imagine that!

This is Louet Gems 100% washable merino in super fine/fingering weight. I'm going to be doing a little sampling for a bed shawl for myself. While I'm not fond of spinning merino, I sure appreciate it once it is transformed into yarn and this is a soft, smooth and silky confection, perfect for the chosen project.

I also found this Hotei or Laughing Buddha.

I had been looking for one for more than a year and all that I had found up to yesterday had not even remotely brought a smile to my lips. This Buddha did and so, I rubbed his belly, paid the fee and brought him home. While he is able to live outside, he'll reside inside somewhere in the studio.


  1. Pillow cases are sure looking good.
    Can't wait to see them when they are finished.

    Great photos of Stella. She sure is getting big.

    I'm in love with your Laughing Buddha. I too have wanted one for a long time but never found one as nice as yours.

    I forgot to comment on your last post. I've had a Harrisville Warping Reel and wouldn't do without it. Best piece of equipment I own.

  2. The pillow cases are looking elegant! The laughing Buddha is a smile maker, as is Stella.

  3. Hi Theresa,

    I love what you are doing with your pillowcases. They will be such a touch of luxury to sleep on!

    Stella is looking good-so happy and curious.

    The Merino yarn looks like it would be a dream to weave with and I like the colors.

    Enjoy your weaving time-I'm hoping to make it back to my loom as soon as I put the camping gear away:-)

  4. I love the pillow cases! They'll sure be worth all of your hard work at the end! What luxury.

    say hi to Stella for me!

  5. I have been trying to come up with a way that you could, maybe, um, wrap Stella in that gorgeous pillowcase and send her to Virginia, but now you have the Buddha too so maybe you will have to send both. Buddha would get along so well with my gargoyles and Stella would have some company on the trip.

    I think I heard you say no all the way from here.

  6. LOTL, so, you did hear that No?! Ah the pillowcases and the Buddha most likely easily parted with, Stella, forget it. The Buddha most likely is mass produced. I got it at Flowertyme in Ashland OR, a search brings them up
    but they have very little of the hundreds of beautiful garden and gift items shown. Buddha was $34.95 for anyone who might be interested. Quite well priced for one of his size and appearance.

    Judy, I'm hoping the merino will be nice, I can't see why not. Hope that camping gear stowed away easily and you are enjoying the photos you took and memories you've made almost as much.

    I think handwoven pillow cases are pretty luxurious myself. If I can get faster at the threading I wouldn't be adverse to making some as gifts.

  7. Can't wait to see the pillowcases in person at guild - they're going to be great!

  8. Looking good! And Stella is justing getting cute by the minute!

  9. How did I miss this great post??? You've been busy, too! Those pillow cases look great. And, the Buddha does make me do the pictures of Stella! She is such a joy.

  10. Good going on the pillowcases! They're looking great!! Just getting a wide warp like that on the loom is a challenge!

    Bailey's jumping on me....must be to tell me to send a message to Stella. Bailey says hi!

    Love your new purchases. Those yarn colors are gorgeous!!