Sunday, July 11, 2010

Could It Be?

Why yes, the planets and moons have aligned and finally, the pillowcase warp is completely threaded.

How many months did that take? No, don't answer that. Too many. Sleying the reed has commenced and I don't expect it to take more than a day or two to complete and then onto the actual weaving.

Wonders never cease!

In other fiber news, there has been steady spinning progress of the second Ladybug bobbin. I'm hoping to have some decent plied yarn by next weekend.

The car is in the shop for it's almost annual mechanical meltdown, what started out as brakes and tires has now moved on to talk of front differential problems. It is at the transmission spa for an extended period no doubt. Gene gave both of us his best frownie face Friday when we took it from one expensive spa treatment to another.

Of course, it's hard to be to cranky when you have a puppy in the house and Stella is doing her job admirably. So if you are having a less than stellar day, I'm sharing. :)


  1. Wow, you are weaving pillowcases? What luxury that will be!! What yarn/sett are you using?

    I know what you mean about's usually one thing after another with repairs.

    Puppy hugs make everything better.

  2. So sorry about your car! I'm sure the horses are whispering to you that they would never behave like that! Your pillow case warp is amazing!!! It's coming along! And, Stella just keeps getting cuter!

  3. Judy,
    The yarn is 20/2 natural cotton, sett at 30 epi for a total of 736 ends or there abouts.
    The car is getting old but has been paid for for years, so really, compared to a car loan it's betterer.:)

    LA, LOL, no doubt the horses are whispering, but I suspect they would rather sit fat and lazy in their paddock than haul me 20 miles down the mountain and 20 miles back. We'll see if the pillowcase warp isn't too sleazy. Hope not. Yes, Stella keeps getting cuter and she is turning into a little muscular super chunk too. Starting to fill out all her loose puppy hide.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Stella! She is a smile producer for sure. What will you be using for weft? same? going to be gorgeous.

  5. At least you've got fiber news to report. :)

    And Stella just loves owning the pool I see!

  6. Evelyn, ALWAYS happy to spread the Stella joy around.
    I'll be using the same 20/2 cotton for the weft. The pattern is out of an older Handwoven. Of course, now I have to find it again......

    Leigh, scant fibery news that it is. Stella actually isn't too sure about the pool. Sadly, I don't have my waterbaby Lexie anymore who loved anything H2O so much so it was infectious. I don't know where a Cairn developed such a love of water, but she did. The other dogs can take it or leave it. Dennett use to like sitting in the pool, but at his advanced age, getting in and out is more a chore than he's willing to do. He saves up all that old man energy for our morning walks instead. ;)

  7. Wow that looks like alot of work! I'm sure it will be amazing when your done. And as for Stella she is just making me want a puppy! I even started looking and call a couple of people. Thanks Stella!

  8. WOW pillow cases that looks fantastic, but alot of threading. Sorry to hear about the car, but the puppy is so damn cute makes your trouble just melt with that face!