Monday, July 5, 2010

A Full Week

Egads, it's been busy around here. I spent a lot of time with the horses last week, riding and rotating them out to graze, playing with Stella ( and scheduled vet appointments for shots), walking old man Dennett and in general, frittering my time away as is stated in the Constitution, in the pursuit of happiness.
And then there was the two Arts & Crafts love seats I bought. That particular Craigslist purchase cost a day in rearranging furniture and another day and a half in a sewing project.
The Bernina and I got to know one another again. The love seats themselves are covered in leather, very nice leather actually, soft and supple and in good condition. The dogs would have had a hay day with them. Everyone feels the need to dig, turn, dig some more and then curl up for naps. The leather, while very durable in many ways, would not hold up. The only answer to cushion preservation was to make some new covers. So Saturday and half of Sunday morning where spent doing that.
The leopard print wrapped sofa does not have covers yet, so it's actually two fleece twin blankets that are protecting it at the moment until I find a suitable fabric for it.
There was not enough of the bark cloth tropical print to do both. It will be fun and challenging to find another fabric for covers. Of course our living room would never make a cover shot for anything but it's comfortable and serviceable for us and there are a lot of us. I get a chuckle out of how small Miss Puppy is and how Charlotte's eyes are glowing a dagger green.
Stella continues to grow. In fact she's going through some pretty funny stages as all puppies do. The head grows then the body follows. One day she looks tall the next long. She was 3 months old on the 30th and about 6 pounds. She had her first hanging tug moment. It's so terrier. I pick up the tug toy, she refuses to let the other end go and is suddenly off the ground ( not far I assure you) and then deposited back down. There are two camps about the game of tug. Those that don't believe that one should play it with puppies and those that do. I'm in the latter. I've always played it with all my dogs that enjoyed it and believe me, they learn and know the difference as to what is okay and what's not. During the weekend Stella had a grand time with a large piece of cardboard. Makes me wonder why I buy toys at all!
She tried to get it into her little red bed, no go but it was QUITE amusing watching her.
And finally, a completely slain piece of cardboard. There was enough cardboard blood and gore around for me to be picking up pieces for a little while. :)

In other news I watched the most extraordinary thing early Friday morning. I came out the front door to feed and Juno was waiting for me and Buzz was trotting up the driveway lickety split with two yearling does not far behind. They CHASED him all the way to the front porch steps before they saw me and like two little embarrassed bullies, they took off. It brought to mind a Monty Python moment about Killer Rabbits, but this time deer.
It was 35 degrees Saturday morning. In July! There was a bit of frost. Tomorrow and Wednesday, temps will finally be getting close to 90F and likely 100F in the valley. Summer may be late to the party but she's still coming!


  1. I remember when Hazel was a puppy and an empty gallon jug could entertain her for hours!

  2. The last picture of Stella really shows the terrier!!! Alert! Ready for action!!! I'm a TERRIER!!! You have been busy!!! Great find with the love seats!

  3. One day I will have me a terrier. I love my Rat Terrier nephew Corky and his antics and my neighbor's toto terrier named Roxy.

    Craigslist is THE BEST place for everything furniture. Your love seats are great!

    Killer deer, wow, do they have caves I wonder?

  4. She is just so cute! Love the couches but I know what your talking about when it comes to leather and dogs!

  5. Don't mind me. I just dropped by for my Stella fix. But while I'm here, I have to say I love the love seats and what you've done with them. Good find!

  6. Your living space looks great! Tackling a sewing project like that is so rewarding, and seeing your buddy snuggled on the sofa is just what you wanted to see when you were done :-) Happiness is a soft sofa!

  7. The love seats are great! Good job on getting one covered already. (You know that would have taken me months!!)

    Always good to get a Stella update! Bailey's personal cardboard preferences are paper towel rolls and any packages that arrive by mail order. Too silly!

    Killer deer! Yipes!

    Stay cool!

  8. Stell's so cute and full of so much energy. Nice pictures.

    Love seats were a great buy!!!! Good for you.

  9. I was telling Mim about Stella. Her JRT is nine - I was shocked when she told me that. Jo Beth is such a pip. Where did those nine years go?!