Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Off The Loom and Gifted

I haven't said much about the scarf since it was decided that it would be the perfect gift for a wonderful friend that is moving far away. I was hoping if I took forever weaving it, they would just have to wait to leave. As we all know, that is never the case. It came off the loom Saturday and was finished and drying two hours later.

The Mountain Colors Winter Lace yarn is another I would use in a heartbeat. Wonderful to weave with. I wish I could do a blanket or coverlet using it, but it would terribly expensive. The novelty yarn provided a little challenge but I like the way it defined the squares and gave the overall piece a window pane texture.

It was stretchy and slippery and could have really been a problem once off the loom. In any event, I was sorry to see it go and my friend with it. Good luck Carol and Anyu on all the new adventures waiting for you in Idaho!

On farm news, nothing much to report. Some riding, some training, getting ready to shop for the years hay supply. With all the wet weather it has taken longer for first cutting to come in, but it looked like last week most of the fields have been cut and I'll bet baling is happening around the valley this week. The boys are getting rotated out one at a time to graze some of our over grown areas. I learned a very important lesson yesterday. NEVER put out Nick and Boo together. The two took off, through the woods and up the road. I could hear their hooves running up and down looking for our driveway. A slow moving logging truck spooked them enough to head back towards our driveway where they ducked in and met me as I was heading down with treats. Nick and Boo came running up like two long lost puppies. Snorting and hot and not realizing the disaster they had avoided. Needless to say, one went back in the paddock.
I was exhausted by 6:00 am yesterday after that self inflicted fiasco.

Lastly, some Stella contraband photos.

I did get my slipper back right after these pics were snapped. I couldn't tell if any real damage has been done. This pair is on its last legs as it is. The cat bed was rediscovered after it was put away since Rodger is too big for it. Fits Stella perfectly. She had a grand time dragging it outside and then someone, I don't know who other than male, peed on it ( fair game once in the pen proper). So it's in the wash at the moment.


  1. That scarf turned out beautifully! It will be a lovely memento from a dear friend. Stella looks slightly guilty with the contraband in her mouth!

  2. Your friend is one lucky girl! The scarf turned out so pretty.

    I could just steal Stella she looks like such a fun puppy!

  3. The colour of the scarf is so deep and rich. I love the novelty accent. What a nice gift to remember your friendship. And well that puppy is just too wonderful.

  4. What a lovely scarf! The addition of the novelty yarn looks great!

  5. Theresa - I was a little overwhelmed when you presented me with the beautiful scarf. It's perfect for me, even if I am undeserving! I will miss you very much - but I will keep up with all your antics on the Stella blog!

    Best - Carol

  6. Theresa,

    First, I'm so happy that the horses are safe. Scary for all involved.

    Carol's scarf is so gorgeous. We're all going to miss her very much, but she has some special memories (and treats) to take with her, and I think that was best of all!

    And Stella looks just fabulous in red!

  7. The scarf is gorgeous! Great job!!

    Oh Stella....such a cute girl. Good thing too!

    Bailey used to steal slippers and handwoven dishtowels. Even though I tried not to react and tried not to make it fun for him, it remained fun for him until I spent 6 months on crutches. Then he was miraculously cured from his game of taking my things.

    He will still occasionally get a mischievous gleam in his eye and run off with a slipper.

    I love Stella's new little dog bed. It has a somewhat regal air I think.

    Have fun!

    PS: Peach shortcake sounds delish! I want some!!

  8. I know she must have been thrilled with that scarf. It's gorgeous! And Stella! She'd definitely got "star quality!"

  9. Stella upstages you, beautiful scarf and all - so sad to tell you that. Just post Stella pics. Am I bad?

  10. Stella is so cute!!!!!

    Pretty scarf!!! I love the color and pattern.