Friday, June 4, 2010

More Scarf

Well, between puppy naps and other choirs, the scarf is warped, threaded, sleyed and ready to go.

Unfortunately, today is town and haircut day. And boy, do I need one. I'll let them lop off about 4 or 5 spare inches. As long as I can gather it all up in a pony tail I'm good to go.

Anyway, back to the ruby red warp. The nylon novelty yarn is interesting, and very stretchy. It would have been a great opportunity to try a supplemental warp hanging off the back, but I could see all sorts of problems puppy wise with that technique. The Mountain Colors Winter Lace also has some give but not nearly as much. It should be interesting weaving it all.

I am taking some very good advice and taking lots of Stella pictures, some are even pretty nice, considering my lack of talent in the picture taking department!
Here's a couple from yesterday. You probably can't tell, but she is growing, right before my eyes. It won't be long before the couch is no longer Mount Everest to her.

I would also like to mention that today is my parents 53rd wedding anniversary. I offered up Stella as a gift, but they declined saying well wishes and the fall visit with her would be enough for their needs. ;)

Finally, the weather has been just plain old crappy. We seem to be back to ark weather.
Days of rain and gloom and mud. The weekend looks to be fine weaving, movie watching and puppy snuggling weather.


  1. Rainy days are good weaving days...and puppy cuddle days!!! That warp looks amazing. I'll just keep watching!

  2. great colors for the scarf, I love your little puppy
    have fun weaving!

  3. what a sweet puppy .... i want one

  4. Actually, before coming to that sentence I looked at Stella's picture and thought, "My gosh, she's visibly grown since two days ago!"

    Good luck with the warp! the colors are lovely.

  5. you captured such a sweet expression! and yes it makes me want one too. the scarf will be luscious, reminds me of crushed berries.

  6. Evelyn, It's hard not to catch a nice expression on Stella, she really is a sweet puppy. The scarf is in processes and looking just as you said, Crushed Berries.
    Valerie, glad someone else noticed my little shrimp growing!
    re'New, you'll just have to find one, this one is spoken for. ;)
    LA & Gjeani, lots of puppy hugs and weaving going on today.

  7. What a cute puppy! They really capture your heart, don't they?

  8. It rained almost the whole time we were in Redding, and now that we're home, the sky is overcast and it's still cool - weird.

    I so envy you a little dog. The black lab has been overwhelming in her joyous welcome home to us. She adopted us but there are times when wish she had somewhere else to go.

  9. Ooops - another project where I'm going back in time in your blog....seeing the beginning after I've seen the fabulous progress.

    I definitely have to figure out supplemental warps. One of my favorite weaving teachers might be offering that class at our guild next year. Hope so! I don't know quite how to make a supplemental warp happen since I have 1 back beam not two, but at least (for once) I understand the concept.

    Never enough puppy pictures!!

    Maybe rainy days are the secret to productivity over the summer? We've had such a sunny spring/summer. It's weird, but nice!