Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Goddess of Small Miracles

Small miracles happen every day. Outside your window, with each soaring bird, the chipmunk that catches your eye, a small flower that appears in a previously barren spot, found time, a project that engages both mind and body, a well chopped onion.
They are all around us if we only take the time to see, hear, feel and note them. Life erupts in the fine details and so often we fly right past them waiting for the big stuff. Yesterday was simply chock full of those little special details. Minutiae.

The warp is done and ready to be wound on.

It looks very much like the previous warp with the silk sari. I substituted a novelty yarn, Tahki Lucky, which happily was also 50% off. And it is strong, 100% nylon.

We had to do a little proactive loom preservation.

Princess Stella just couldn't resist the plastic tie knobs on the treadles. It's easy enough to add and subtract treadles on Hannah. They just sit on an individual cradle under the foot rest.

I know I'm just doing plain weave on this scarf, so really only need the two still tied up for tabby.

We also had our senior & baby combined vet appointment yesterday morning.
Dennett had blood drawn for another liver panel and I am happy (read delighted, overjoyed and grateful beyond words) to report that the milk thistle supplement has indeed made a difference. His panel is just about normal in that area. Now there are still anomalies, but they are holding just where they are. They fall into " it is what it is" category. He's all set until fall unless we have any changes.

Stella also had her first look see. I'm happy to report we have a healthy fit puppy. Good joints, no loose knees (luxating patella) which is common in many small breed dogs. She weighs a whopping 3.6 pounds, which while I thought her maybe a little skinny, Dr. Beth assured me she was at a perfect weight. Much better to have a fit puppy than a pudgy one for growing bones.
Stella handled herself well, relaxed with strangers picking her up, played when they initiated it, let Dr. Beth clip her teeny tiny toe nails and Vet Tech Nic take her temp all with a pleasant and winsome demeanor. She thought the wormer was just wonderful stuff. She'll go back in two week for her second puppy shot. The first shot was given by the breeder the day before she found her way home with me.

She is also doing great with her schedule and Uncle Smoochie is doing a grand job of entertainment every day. At the end of morning play time this is how they usually are.

I can pick her up and put her in the crate all sleepy and go out and do my outside chores without worry. I do so love small miracles.


  1. Big cheer for Dennett! It must be all those good vibes going out for him (and the loving care he gets at home!) Sorry about the loom...**it happens! Puppies do chew on the strangest things! I love that warp and I'm looking forward to more pictures.

  2. The warp is lovely, I look forward to see the weaving! And the puppy is so cute...

  3. yep...those are the miracles of life. Once you hit a certain level of life experience they are no longer to be taken for granted.

    The warp looks lovely! Yay for Dennett's good report. And Stella is a becoming a star!

  4. One thing I love about blogging is how much it makes me appreciate the small miracles of everyday life.

    I had to make my studio a "Bailey Free Zone" while he was a puppy. He still finds things up there that he wants to chew, although not treadles (knock wood!)

    Good news about both of your pups at the vet!!!

    Enjoy the warp! I hope it behaves!


  5. Its been a bit chaotic at my house and trips to Vancouver for my Dad so I'm quite far behind in blog reading!

    What wonderful news for Dennet! Seems all the old timers, including our Connor, are much improved!

    Now wee Stella is unbelievably cute! She's too cute for her own toes that one!
    Good luck on the training... that I don't miss!

    :) Susan

  6. Good reminder about small miracles. They are something we have to deliberately take notice of or else we miss them altogether!

    Love that warp! And I'm glad to hear about Stella.