Sunday, May 30, 2010

Like the Hot Kiss

At the end of a wet fist, puppy hood has hit us. There are many things I had forgotten about very young puppies; how persistent they are, how hard they play and how equally hard they sleep.

Yesterday was spent getting to know Stella, a free for all kind of day while I work on a good flexible schedule for the little bundle of joy and pee. She went outside for the first time, and Smoochie has emerged as her long lost Uncle. He is my right hand man when it comes to tiring out Stella.

Dennett would prefer to have nothing to do with her. I thought when she grabbed his tail she would be a goner, but no, he growled but never snapped. Bea snapped (complete with a noise heard only in hell) but never contacted when Stella stepped on her while sleeping in one of the floor beds. Lesson learned for at least yesterday.
Charlotte doesn't know what to think so avoidance is best, Jack growls then wants to sniff, Pogo wants to play but is unsure of something much smaller than him and Peter while tolerant of her when he has to be would just assume ignore her much like the D man.
It's all fine. I knew the older dogs would not appreciate a pup and this is just about as good as I could hope for. As she gets older, and more user friendly, the older dogs will warm up. They only require a little dignity.

Yesterday marked her first time outside.

The day was warm and sunny and she was a champion follower. We did a long circuit around the driveway. I am using that homing instinct to very good advantage right now. She stuck to me like a burr.

I would stop and let her begin to explore and then get moving again getting her attention on me while I used her name. She's a smart little thing, feisty but not terribly dominant. She loves to be cuddled too and lap time is a treat for both of us.

I did have a wee bit of help while trying to redo the ruby scarf warp.

Today will mark the first day of a formal schedule. We all need for Stella to have some enforced crate time. She has one set up in the living room and a smaller one up in the bedroom. Last night she only whined when first being put in and again when she heard everyone getting restless in the morning. A vast improvement on the crying every two hours or so the night before.
Gene thinks Stella is wonderful, of course he has been gone at his big paragliding weekend event, so contact in all respects has been limited.

Tuesday I take my oldest to the vet ( scheduled blood work follow-up) and my youngest for a complete physical.


  1. This is going to be so much fun!!! It sounds like you have a handle on the training, and Jacks are very smart (and stubborn!) Stella is one lucky little girl!

  2. Love how the picture with the cat gives a good idea of how small Stella is. Hard to believe Bailey was once so small I could hold him in my hands.

    We had 3 crates set up during Bailey's puppyhood. I needed a break from him for a while most days. He was quite the chewer.

    Pack dynamics are always interesting. Seems like your pack will teach Stella how to treat them!! When we brought Bailey home, Kodi was 13. Kodi was lost as single even though a puppy and an elderly dog have a lot of different needs, they do help each other a lot too. Kodi was top dog of some things, Bailey was top dog of others. (Kodi was king of food and the kitchen and greeting the humans. Bailey was top dog of stairs and toys. To each his own!!)

    Stella is a cutie!! Enjoy and good luck!!!


    PS: Some years our phoebes do produce 2 clutches. Since we're so far ahead this year, maybe we'll be lucky enough for them to be back soon! (Although Bailey did chase one of the fledglings, so that might be been traumatic for all of us. Luckily the bird was OK!)

  3. Stella is so adorable - very cute little munchkin.

    We rescued Bailey at a year old and went through a number of months of adjustment since he had been abused. But Katie, our golden before Bailey, was 7 weeks old when we brought her home - I don't think I slept for 3 months, I had forgotten what it's like to have a puppy in the house. But it was all worth it.

  4. So cute!!!!! Puppies have more energy then I think I could handle. Love your pictures of your new addition to the family.

  5. How darling! It makes me want to get another puppy. We just recently put away the crates for our dogs who will both turn 2 and 3 this week. My husband was saying that instead of storing them in the basement we should sell them to someone who could use them. I said "But what if we want to get another puppy!" Although I don't miss the potty training or the crying in the middle of the night :)

  6. LA, I have a good number of years with terrorists and she doesn't appear to be a hyper girl at all although she is certainly all terrier. I am amazed at how smart she is.
    Sue, pack behavior IS always interesting. I find that the girls and boys feel the need to be in control of different things, much like your two did.
    LOL, Cindie yes, when you're going through puppy hood you think it will never end, when it's gone you look back and miss it terribly.
    bspinner, once you get a schedule down things do get much easier but it does take a lot of time and energy.
    Andrea, never ever sell your crates! ;)

  7. omg, so sweet!!!! what fun! I love puppies, and especially their puppy smell.

  8. Hi - I've seen your comments on several blogs that I read so stopped by to see what yours was all about. I am a spinner and crocheter but through Leigh, Sue & Sharon I've started to read a few weaver blogs.

    Good luck with your puppy - he looks like he's going to be a fun one.

    Have you ever added bacon to your Cheddar biscuits? A friend used to make them at her restaurant and I've never been able to re-create the recipe.

    So will you be going to Black Sheep Gathering next month? T.

  9. Tina T-P, I see no reason not to try bacon in the biscuits, although I might be tempted to cut the amount of butter down with tat addition. Try the recipe as written and then, go forth and do your own thing. Let me know how it turns out!

    I would love to go to BSG, but I used all my travel capitol going back east two times this year all ready.
    Then of course, there's least my enforced summer at home will be filled with all things puppy.

  10. What joy! There is nothing in this world better than a new life! I personally am in love with puppy breath!

  11. So cute! I can just see the personality bubbling out of her. I'm not familiar with the Parson Russell Terriers. She looks really intelligent though.

  12. Do you see green here? As in jealous?!! She's 10 on the awwww scale.

  13. Oh, she is so cute! Puppies are so lovely (and a lot of work...), enjoy yourself!

  14. Stella is about the cutest puppy I've ever seen! I even had to think to myself "should we get a puppy" when seeing her - but then I came to, blinked my eyes, and thought twice before saying it out loud to Jim!

    She sure is a temptress though! Have fun.