Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happiness is..

Well, yesterday it was a batch of homemade Cheddar Cheese Biscuits.

A big pot of hot chili.

All on a snowy cold day in May.

We had plenty of warm puppies too.


  1. Chili on a chilly's a perfect combination! It's just hard to see that snow at the end of May!

  2. We had a pot of chili as well! This is one cool spring. Benefits - more time inside to weave!

  3. cheese biscuits - yum!
    do you share recipes???

  4. Well, at least you had the ingredients for the chili and biscuits! That is usually what hangs me up on a snow day!

    I hope it didn't turn into a bad storm!

  5. Hmmm everything looks so good!!! I'm with Cindie could you share the recipe for the biscuits??

    I was reminded by one of my classmates the other that we have snow on our graduation day, May 27 1965.

  6. I'm amazed that you've got snow! Those cheese biscuits and chili look soooo good.

  7. Snow in May is quite awful, but the food looks delicious!

  8. The chili has served well! Snowed all day yesterday, short bursts of heavy snowed followed by sun, wind then more snow. A perfectly awful day. Cindie, I'll share this recipe, it's a good one, although a heart stopper in the butter department. Look for it on the next post.
    Leigh, this certainly wouldn't be the year to try starting a garden! While it's great for fire season, not so great for hay. Looks like an expensive hay year coming our way.
    bspinner, June 4th year for the latest snow I can remember. It's my folks anniversary.
    LOFTL, it was pre planning. My usual Friday trip took place on Thursday. :-)
    Evelyn, wish I could say I was weaving, but a marathon painting project took place instead. Weather is crappy tho so lots more opportunities.

  9. Ack!!!! Snow in May! Horrors!
    But those cheddar biscuits look heavenly......yum.
    And everytime I see your dog up on the loom in your header, I smile.

  10. Although we didn't have snow down here in the valley, it has been chilly. I too have been cooking up the hearty dishes. I figure it is the last chance I will have to make my favorites before the hot sets in.

  11. Growing up my mother had a book from the Peanuts that continued the "Happiness is...." The one I always remember - "Happiness is waking up and realizing that you still have 2 hours left to sleep."