Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's on Which?

I think it's time for a loom update and of course some pictures. When I last updated, Hey Baby had the pillow warp in threading mode and we're still in that stage. A little progress but even turtles might be tapping their feet at my speed. I could say I was savoring the threading, but I would be lying through my teeth. 20/2 just isn't my favorite and it isn't so much how fine it is but it's lack of body.

The single prayer flag warp is off the loom, and I think I got about 15 flags.

This all needs to be cut, hemmed, bells and fringe knotted but they were a very fun weave. Julia is bare at the moment and I'll use this time to make some adjustments and clean the lint off her.

Hannah the Hollandia is waiting patiently for a new scarf warp although it may not happen until next week. I have some painting I want to do and this weekend looks as good as any to get it done.

Gene's sweater is moving along at a steady pace.

I'm not knitting as quickly with this one since it's obvious I have a whole summer before he's even going to think about wearing a sweater let alone a heavy wool one. The other factor is the smaller needle size. I had to make adjustments with the heavier yarn and now I am knitting true to the pattern. I still love this pattern and I adore the color on this yarn which I wish like heck I could get a decent picture of! The colors are so rich, along with bottle green is a hint of teal, nubs in sienna color and streaks of natural grey just hinting in the plies.

It's beautiful yarn.

For posterity's sake I've included a picture of the lovely Cotswold wool I want to get spinning on and two books I'm pretty excited about.

The 60 Scarves for 60 Years book has a lot of great ideas and I'll be pouring over this one as I get my warps ready for more shelter scarves.

This was purchased in MA at Loom with a View. Since I swoon looking at most Scandinavian weaving it was a given that I order Tina Ingell's book
Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave: 45 Stylish Designs for the Modern Home.
There are some wonderful projects in this one and as always the colors and sensibility grab me.

The weather has been pretty decent ( of course snow and rain predicted this weekend) and I have gotten at least one horse out and worked each day. Dandy was his typical hot little redhead self for the first 5 minutes and then settled down to work handsomely. Boo who turns 5 this spring surprised me. I was waiting for the bucking and snorting on the lunge line, the silliness and got none of it. He went right to work and while a little fast in his paces he was focused and smooth. I was very pleased and told him so frequently. Nick was Nick, curious, gregarious and a little lazy. Imp has yet to be taken out and worked. It will be interesting to see what he's remembered and what he hasn't.

Other than the horse work, I've gotten out for two walks everyday, early morning and evening after dinner. Both with Dennett and sometimes two in hand depending on my mood. Sometimes even this little devil! ;-)


  1. Hi! Welcome home. The sweater looks great. You've got me drooling over those books. Oh - look the Ignell book is in my Amazon shopping cart. I wonder how that happened!

  2. Hahahah! It happened just that way with me too! Jumped in while I was ordering vacuum bags. Go figure. ;-)

  3. You've sure been busy. I love the color you the yarn in your sweater!!!

    How do you like the book "60 Scarves for 60 Years"? I can't find it on Amazon. Do you know the publisher?

    Another 15 prayer flags. Good for you!!

  4. The prayer flags look pretty neat layed out like that. So does your hardwood floor. :)

    And Gene's sweater is gonna be a knockout!

  5. I think that 60 scarves is from the Baltimore Weavers right? I tried to win it at MS&W and didn't.

    Of course you will post about the cotswold fiber, I have some from a flock at the Virginia Museum of Frontier Culture!

  6. bspinner, it is self published through the Weaver's Guild of Greater Baltimore. I'll make a linky in the posting.
    LOTL, I'll be sure to blog about the fiber and let you know.
    Leigh, I hope you're right about the sweater! Thank you. The wood floors are actually Doug fir, fairly soft, but cheap in this area.

  7. The sweater looks good, and the scarve book must be very interesting, I like the pattern you show very much. What are you going to to with the prayer flags?

  8. I love cables and the sweater looks like it will be a warm delight in the winter. The flags are really great pictured before cutting.

  9. The projects in that Scandinavian weaving book look delicious, I think I am going to have order it come payday! :)

  10. If summer doesn't start soon, you're not going to have as much time for the sweater as you think you are!

  11. All your projects look so great! What variety! Do you ever get bored????