Sunday, June 20, 2010

By Leaps and Bounds

So not only does time fly by but so too do small puppies. This last week has seen Stella make some milestones. She gained a 1 lb 4 ounces in two weeks, that's a quarter of her body weight. She conquered stairs.

She outgrew her puppy collar and now has a second puppy collar. This one is vastly more adjustable so she got her own name and number tag on it too!

She learned that Jack does NOT like to be bothered in the morning after he eats. She has started taking herself out the back door to potty. I swear my older dogs do a better job of house training than I ever could. She also has joined the paw watching tribe for meals. Stella gets two little "mini meals" along with her two regular sized meals. The last one is at about 5:30 p.m. I was late yesterday, only a few minutes mind you and I had a Stella puppy sitting in front of me staring. When I got up she ran for her eating crate and then came back. The meaning was quite clear, even for this not so swift caretaker. Stella is going to be a punctual girl! I also looked up her birth date. Stella was born on a Blue Moon, March 30th of this year. She also likes my hummed rendition of Stella by Starlight, a jazz classic from one of my favorite old movies, The Uninvited. I had been saving her name for a long time and it was so worth the wait.

In other news, Greensprings Fire & Rescue had the annual wildfire training at our house yesterday. ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry) conducts this wild land fire training every year but it's an unusual year when they actually get to set a fire to train with.

We had a big old pile of slash on our property from clearing the arena area a few years ago and it has been a wet long late spring to say the very least. A perfect opportunity for a burn and learn event. We had flames and trucks ( including my favorite tender, I just love this truck)

and sirens and smoke,

guys working on trenches and setting up water lines and all sorts of fun stuff going on. The horses raced to the rear east corner of their paddock and watched as smoke billowed and the crew worked. It entertained them for about an hour, which was 45 minutes longer than I watched. ;)

In fiber news, the scarf is almost done, there is a new prayer flag warp waiting to be put on the Julia loom, the pillowcases thread on as does the spinning and knitting. A little progress has made on all fronts.

Finally, don't forget to give that special Father you know a hug, or a call today! I think both Mom's and Dad's should get a whole week. ;-)


  1. Even just seeing photos, Stella looks like the perfect name. And such neat history to go along with it.

  2. I just grin every time I see Stella! She just keeps growing by leaps and bounds!

  3. Stella is such a cutie! That's great that she figured out stairs & going outside! I don't remember Bailey having trouble with stairs at all. I think he learned them at his breeder's house. (We got him when he was 12 weeks old).

    I'd be a bit nervous having a fire on our land, even with a fire department present. But that's because I don't really know fire, and we have a small, very wooded lot.

    Sounds like you're making lots of progress on many fronts (as I make little progress on any!)

    Keep those puppy pics coming!!


  4. I could just squeeze that little cuteness! She is so sweet. Your prayer flags intrigue me, can you point me to your blog posts that would give me a little more info? I have a loom - I weave rugs. I've done a couple of memory rugs but the flag thing, that could be a neat thing. I looked back a ways, but didn't come across anything that explained them in detail. Come by my place and check out my little pup - I manage to keep myself at one because I have my hands full with the 4 cats and 5 horses!

  5. re'New- You'd have to go back over a year. The flags themselves have evolved to be all white perle cotton with all silk strips written with prayers and then cut apart and woven, but here is the first batch.

    Sue, I would love to see some of those Bailey puppy pics! I bet he was every bit as cute as can be. Yep, 12 weeks seems to be the exploring benchmark, stairs aren't nearly as scary as when they are 8 weeks old. Stella is still pretty tiny. The stairs are taller than she is.
    Our fire guys are pretty darn good, there was lots of water handy, lots of bodies and no one felt the need to get trees burning.

    Eveyln, I knew she was my Stella the minute I laid eyes on her. The name does fit her.

    LA, she won't be be my wee little pup for very long, but she sure is fun while she is.

  6. A long time ago I had a fox terrier called Sam, many common terrier genes I suspect so I just love all Stella's baby photos. He looked very similar in his baby photos and grew into a great dog, many good memories, hope Stella brings you as much enjoyment

  7. I love the photo of Stella with her ball. Great shot of her-she looks so content. I have the hardest time getting photos of my Corgi as he's camera shy.

  8. She is just so cute! I was already to get a new puppy tomorrow and then with our yard problems and now we are paying allot more to have it done I called the lady and told her I couldn't take the puppy at this time so she went to the next person in line. It makes me very sad but maybe in the fall!

  9. Your puppy is so cute. I bet those steps look high from his little eyes.

    Fireman are the best!!! Honestly what would we do without them and ambulance attendents???

  10. I needed a puppy fix today, and if I do go back in time in your blog, I can really see how Stella is growing. She was so tiny at first!

    I'll have to see if there are Bailey pics somewhere. It would be fun to see them again. (I know I have them.....but where and are they digital or not.....our photo archives are like a giant black hole!)