Friday, June 11, 2010

The Perfect Time Sink

That's what a puppy is in my humble opinion. And I seem to have much less time on my hands than before. But puppy time is so fast and fleeting, I am a happy slave to it.

In two weeks Stella has made great strides. She is perfectly lovely about crate time and
even has her own eating crate in the laundry room with all the other dogs. She loads herself in to wait for her meal too, just like they do ( and gives me a little bark when I'm not serving fast enough, JUST like they do). She's going out with the big dogs (under watchful eyes), and has mastered the back porch steps. She's on a schedule and while at 10 weeks still has a bladder the size of a large kidney bean it would seem, she is seeking out her little puppy pads and hitting them about 75% of the time. I simply don't stress over house training too much and at 10 weeks old I'm happy she is going a 6 hour overnight dry. My floors have seen worse. She's eating her puppy kibble instead of me grinding it up in the blender, and she's becoming one of the pack.

I have seen everyone play with her except Dennett, who simply doesn't play any more. He's happy when she just passes him by, which she has learned to do.

She's growing by leaps and bounds, so much so I wish I could slow it down but I know I'll love dog Stella just as much as I love puppy Stella. Jack likes her a lot better too now that she has her own bed instead of stealing his.

I have just about a whole bobbin of lovely wool spun. Cindie over at Eweniquely Ewe dyed this for me last year and the color is just perfect. It spins beautifully too.

The scarf warp moves slowly, mostly because I ran out of weft, but I know where there is more! ;-)

The pillow case warp is still being threaded, but I'm darn close to being finished and on to getting sleyed and starting in on the weaving.

Maybe this weekend, although, the weather (which has been awful), is supposed to magically turn to late spring and I've got a few dates lined up with some special equines if that is so.

Gene who has warmed up to the puppy addition quite nicely has volunteered for morning puppy duties today through Sunday. Who wouldn't want to become one with the puppy I ask? No one here.


  1. I love, love, love all the puppy pictures! This time goes so quickly, so we enjoy it while we can! And, Stella has become one of the pack...finding her little niche in the fabric of our lives!

  2. She is just so cute, she make me want a puppy!

  3. Love looking at those puppy pics. That is such a bundle of cuteness.

  4. oh my gosh, Stella makes my heart melt - what a cutie!

  5. So much cuteness in one small furry bundle!! Love the pictures! I still can't believe how tiny she is!

    Bailey was 12 weeks when we brought him home. He was super easy to housebreak (1 accident only), but he was such a chewer.

    I'm impressed with how much fiber-y goodness you've got going on with the puppy distraction!! I'm easily distracted I guess!


  6. Sue, Wow, I guess Bailey was easy! Fat Sam was a dream to train too, and only chewed one poorly written paperback as a pup.

    Cindie,Evelyn, LA & Julie, thank you. I think Stella is just as cute as can be too.

  7. Bless her little heart she is so sweet! I am coming up for air and catching up on what everyone is up to. It looks like you have your hands full! Will catch up more in a week.

  8. I would love to have a Jack Russell. They're so darned cute and we sure could use one for the squirrels, but Ian says three dogs is a full house!ob