Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Heavens, Actual Weaving Content!

Sleeping puppy=Weaving time. Okay, so it's not Einstein. We're working on low levels of sleep here. Well, I am and maybe Uncle Smoochie, but Stella is certainly getting her beauty sleep and then some.

The scarf is in progress and frankly, coming out nicer than I expected. After round one with the sari silk I had very low expectations of how viable using a heavy novelty yarn would be. Pleasantly surprised. Of course it could still do some funky things once cut off the loom. The novelty yarn wefts that I'm using are being knotted at the sides.

No matter how it comes out, I am enjoying weaving it.

I'm also using a tiny temple I found at The Woolgathers. It's 8-10 inches and just perfect for scarves and prayer flags.

I like using a temple especially when I am doing twill and plain weave bands like in the prayer flags. It helps to maintain more consistent selvages and that's certainly help I can use.

While in town I managed to get into the Websters and found this skein of lusciousness begging for a home. Utah by Interlacements.

I'm hoping to find a suitable weft yarn in my stash. The summer crowds have started arriving in Ashland and it was very busy all over the plaza.

On farm news, we got another trailer load of hay. The wet weather is causing concern about hay and hay prices. If it's always wet and raining, you can't cut and we really need that first cutting to come in.

As you can see, Buzz looks quite well fed for a barn cat. He and Juno have been doing a great job of keeping the barn rodent free.

And last but never least, a Stella moment.

Growing and gaining strength, I see a little terrier attitude here and there. She dug her very first hole out in the pen. I sat and watched her work. Even at this young age her breeding shines through. Determination and an economy of movement. Every bit of her young body focused on the task. She's going to be a game little terrier indeed!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the scarf. You're making a lot of progress...and it's beautiful! Stella is growing right in front of us...she's a beauty!

  2. The scarf looks lovely, I like the warm colors! The novelty yarn must be very exciting to weave with.

  3. Stella is so cute! And I absolutely love the scarf. It's going to be gorgeous!

  4. Lovely scarf!! I can't wait to see it off the loom.

  5. Pretty colors! What a fat cat but very cute and little Stella looks like such a sweet baby!

  6. There's a lovely sheen to the silk that is coming through! That is a nice temple that you found and you are so right about the benefits to using one. They really help!

  7. The scarf looks great!! And your new yarn pick is beautiful too. Looking forward to whatever you come up with for that!

    Stella is such a cutie!