Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yes indeed I had to resley about 10 inches and start again. I don't know why I had it my head that using a 6 dent reed was the way to go with 5 ends per dent to make the 30epi.
I suspect it might have to do with doing blankets in multi layers. Anyway, I thought why am I doing this? Maybe 3 ends per dent in a 10 dent reed might be better. So I did what any weaver would do, I asked another weaver, in this case Cindie the weaving oracle.

Now the truth is when you ask someones esteemed opinion, you hopefully will get it and I did. She recommended that she would use a 15 dent reed with 2 per dent but if all I had was a 10 dent than that would do. Now I have a 15 denter and a 12, a number of 10's an 8 and my much loved 6. My 15 dpi is not much loved. In fact I am convinced Cindie has much better eyesight than I do but I can see the value in having it and using it for this project. So, we are about where we were at 10 inches sleyed, 2 per dent and sleying on.

In car news, there is nothing as upbeat to report. It needs a new front differential, which in essence means a transmission overhaul. A really big ding in this summers
home improvement budget. We were going to rip off the front porch and rebuild along
with redoing the grade there in front and a retaining wall. I am still holding out some scant hope for a little 10x10 deck out the back door, but only a small flicker. I will be sharing Gene's truck until the beginning of August. We are both moaning about THAT! :)

Now Stella news is always happy, she's growing and developing quite the little terrier attitude. She positively bounces when she walks with her tail keeping metronome like time as it swings back and forth with each step. She's affectionate but losing some of the cuddly puppy behaviors and reminds me so much of my much loved Fat Sam in very many ways. Stella likes her own time and goes off daily to do her own thing, whether it be lying in the sun or bug catching or trying to get Uncle Smoochie or Uncle Pogo to play. Every 45 minutes one of us will check up on the other and there is late afternoon play time right before dinner (ours) daily. Here are some shots from yesterday.

I just dare you to take that ball!

This can't be comfortable but what do I know. Stella enjoyed burrowing with her red ball for 20 minutes like this. The dark spots, pine pitch staining. Puppies don't like their bellies scrubbed so, we just let them wear off. Life is too short to worry about such things, just ask Stella. ;)

You should have heard the growls and groans.

And just so you don't think my BEST weaving buddy Jack has been replaced, he hasn't.
He's not the handsomest dog I've ever seen but what a personality.

Faithfully by my side at the loom, like always.

We will ignore the Stella chew on the bench foot because after watching this, what's a little nibble here and there in the whole scheme of things. Go on now and enjoy.


  1. I feel your pain! Sometimes our loom projects require backing up and re-doing! It's an on going challenge just to get to the fun part! BTW...Jack is lookin' good! He knows better than to chew on the loom! LOL!

  2. Thanks for the photo of your good friend Jack! I know what you mean about a 15 dent reed. I would need special glasses for that one! Sorry about your car bill-there's never a good time to have to put a lot of money in the car. I've been there :-(

  3. Oh, the car! What a bother. MIne is growling in the brakes again. We just did that.

    I LOVE those dog pictures. And you better not let Jack hear you talking about his appearance. Gotta love eyeliner on a dog, I do.

  4. I love the Stella pictures too. What a girl. Cars are a pain. Always needy and when the problem solving is done, there's nothing creative to show for it like with weaving!

  5. Boy, I thought I was the only one with dent problems. If nothing else weaving sure can test your patients.

    Sorry to hear about your car problems. Mine goes in on Monday no telling what they find wrong. Good luck.

    Love the puppy pictures. She sure is a cutie.

  6. I can't believe you had a dog called Fat Sam -- Tom calls our cat, Howard, Fat Steve (or Sven Porken if he's feeling exotic). He even registered him as Fat Steve at the vet, it was really very embarassing finding that out!!! (though the vet thought it was a very appropriate name, ahem)

    That is one very cute puppy ^_^

  7. Catherine, there is actually a story behind that particular moniker. She started life out as Sam, but a rescue Cairn came into my life who was also Sam. She was very small so became Sammie-bug, my original Sam who was bigger and built quite solidly ( but not fat) like a classic Scottish line Cairn, became, Fat Sam.

    You guys are all so great for putting up with what is turning into my summer of the puppy blog.

  8. Juneau comes home from playcare with pine pitch stains too. I comb them out the best I can and then Dave carefully takes a bit of rubbing alcohol to them. It's the only thing that's taken the black spots off!

  9. I LOVE your summer puppy blog..! And thanks, too, for the great link.

    Carol in Idaho

  10. Stella pictures always make my day! I love the one of her sleeping....too funny!

    At least your pillowcase warp is on the loom (or partly on the loom). Mine is cuddled up in a bin waiting for fall or winter (I did NOT say of which year!)

    Bummer about the car! It's one thing to spend money on looms or yarn....quite another to spend it on car repairs!


  11. I'm so sorry about the car expense, and I'm such a sucker for Stella pictures. I want a Stella of my own!