Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Out For Bear

Or maybe I should say, Bear out for barn? My barn to be exact, although others on the mountain are having problems with our black furry friend too. In fact, it's not just up here, all over the valley reports of problems with bears are flooding in according to this timely article.

To think I was complaining about Bond the Skunk not all that long ago. So, what have I been doing about it. All bird feeders are empty and in, the trash can now lives in my basement (more on that), Gene has cut a small barn cat access hole into the stall side of the barn. Not crazy about it, but after the bear opened the window access 5 days ago and managed to tip the grain bins within reach all over the place I didn't have much of a choice. The double window was too small to allow him full access but I could see how he could rip the window right out, especially once he tore the outside sill and molding off. He did it again yesterday morning, but the windows were closed and locked so very hard to get a purchase for pulling or pushing it in. He also found the little cat egress hole but the two 12 foot sections of pipe panels are stacked in front of it and they came crashing down on him making a racket all the way up here at the house. He took off at 4:45 a.m. without any success at all. The panels have been put back up and tied to bolts at either end. If he decides it's worth it to disassemble my barn for the grain, he will be shot. Simple as that. If he can take apart a barn, he can take apart a house, be it mine or someone elses. And I feel pretty shameful too as in the end he's just being a bear
doing bear things and we have all made it too easy for him to become a nuisance bear.
For years we had bears up here and no problems with the status quo.

Now because of the bruin, I have also gotten off my duff and limbed a bunch of trees
so I will have a better line of sight around the property. Most of these trees were itty bitty saplings when we came here and too tender to limb. Not so anymore. Some general thinning was done too so the more established trees can thrive.

Last up was the cleaning of the basement, or at least my general section. If I haven't used it in the nine years we've lived in the house, I don't need it. We have a dumpster sized pile of stuff for either the dump or Salvation Army. Gene will be taking that next week once we get the trailer cleaned out of hay.

There has been no movement on any of the looms I'm sorry to say. Well, a little, I have been sleying and if I make myself sit for an hour at it it would be done and tied and ready to go. Maybe today!

Stella and the assorted critters have gotten all my "free" time and since this IS a puppy summer it's just as it should be. My tiny pup is no longer tiny and well on her way to adulthood. She's about 7 pounds now, independent and into everything. This didn't end quietly.
After five minutes Jack had had enough and fairly put her in her place. There was quick cry, a fast pin and she was properly chastised. She still runs up to me when she's had enough of doggy endeavors, crawls into my lap, tucks her head under my arm, sighs and drops off into the sleep of those safe and without a care.


  1. Guess that just goes to show we all need a safe haven...Stella knows where her haven is!!!!

  2. That sounds a little scary to me! And I know what its like right now not to be working on those things you love!

  3. Sounds like Jack is a good sport, but knows how to set boundaries. Stella is cute as ever, even if she is a whopping 7 pounds! :)

    I like your nine year use concept. Others say 6 months, a year, or even three years, but honestly, I can still need a thing even if I haven't touched it for three years. Of course I do have a touch of pack rat in me. Besides, after 9 years I probably won't remember how long I've had it and won't throw it away anyway.

    Do be careful with that bear on the loose! That's one critter that deserves a healthy respect.

  4. That Stella is a cutie - I just can't imagine what 7 pounds looks like considering I've got a 90 pounder here at my place.

    I've heard of bears over this way too, we usually don't hear much around our house - one hit by a car just down the road last week. The coyotes are thriving here.

  5. Sorry about the bear problem. Taking apart a house?! we know where the Goldilocks image comes from!!

    Stella is just bumping along, right into adulthood!

  6. I'm with you on the sadness of killing the wild beasts who are just being themselves; it is we who put ourselves in their environment, mostly, and make it oh, so easy for them to become "nuisances." I hope the crashing panels scared the bear good, and s/he moves on to easier pickin's - like blackberries!

  7. We are having the same wildlife issues as you - only with a bit smaller of a predator. Years ago, we gave up feeding the birds (seeds) due to raccoons and neighbors having the visiting bear occasionally. I went thru so many wrecked expensive feeders - I threw my hands up in the air and said "you win".

    We switched over to Hummingbird feeders and actually we have had quite an impressive display of constant activity. This year we have developed a new problem. Something is taking down the feeders and wrecking them nightly. Our guess is a raccoon by the damaged flowers below the feeders. we've tried live traps - motion lights - and today my hands went up in the air surrendering to the nightly creature. The feeders came down and are packed away. 5 feeders in all had to be thrown away in the last 5 weeks. I was bringing the feeders into the garage at night - but then the ants would find them.

    Ok - I'm rambling now.....
    damn animals!

  8. I cannot imagine thinking about a lurking bear. I try not to think about lurking cougars, which are much are real here. I hope your bruin finds a new place to visit - scary.

  9. Sorry to hear about your bear problems. Bears are hard to discourage (this from my biologist husband). Stay safe!

    I love the last photo of Stella. Your photos make me wish that I had taken more puppy photos of Max, because the time flies by.

  10. Bears scare me. We have some black bears around here, but they seem to find abundant food without bothering people too much....although sometimes they'll destroy a bird feeder.

    It's scary to think of a bear ripping into your barn or your house. Yipes!! Stay safe!!

    A post with Stella pictures is always good!!! Such a cutie!


    PS: The Riverstone yarn you asked about is a single. That project is only for public I won't work on it til Friday morning. I'll let you know what it's like to work with after that!