Friday, August 6, 2010

Stella, How You've Grown!

And grown she has. What was once a mere 3.6 pounds

has now topped 8 pounds! She's also grown into her big girl collar. An Up Country creation with Jack Russell Terriers on it. How perfect!

A gargantuan, hardly, but she sure is fit. Although her white coat hides it well (and the last couple of weeks have not seen huge growth spurts),she's been beefing up and gaining muscle mass and tone.

When you pick Stella up you know at once this is a dog of substance with great ears. I would be remiss if I didn't add that even with those large ears, her hearing is selective, like most terriers ( and people too). She hears what she chooses to hear.

In fiber news, the weaving goes on slowly with the pillow case warp. I tweaked my neck and shoulder out Tuesday and spent most of it and all of Wednesday resting it. Better now, but throwing a shuttle was out of the question. The Julia's prayer flag warp has been threaded and is awaiting sleying. I should have spent my lay up time writing on silk, but I shamelessly napped instead. I'm hoping to give the Harrisville Warping Reel it's maiden warp this weekend.

On farm news, no bear, but I did surprise the heck out of a raccoon in the barn. He surprised me also and it was a tie as to who jumped higher. I will say I never knew raccoons could run so fast. It made Dennett's walk being able to "track" the coon well after the fact though. If it brings joy to Dennett it brings joy to me had we had a grand time following the trail for a little bit.

The Subaru comes home this morning...thank god! Ride anyone?


  1. Wow! She really is getting big. It's amazing how fast they grow out of their puppy stage!

  2. So sorry you pulled that muscle! Maybe it was just time you just took it easy!!! That Stella just keeps growing & growing!!! She's just too cute. (What fun for Dennett getting to follow the coon scent!)

  3. Stella is such a cutie - I can't imagine having a dog that only weighs 8lbs - I think that's around the size of puppies we've gotten. Bailey is currently on a diet to lose a bit of his 94lbs!

  4. What great photos of your dog family!

    Sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. You are such a busy lady, taking some time to nap was probably just what you needed to heal and to recharge your batteries. Sometimes resting on the sofa with a good book just can't be beat!

  5. Yay for more Stella pics!! A whopping 8 pounds of spunk and cuteness!

    My neck is my weak link too. I'd say there's nothing shameful about napping!!!

    So glad the Subaru is back with you. Maybe the pups all need to go for a joyride?!


  6. I just love that little Stella she is just so cute!

    I hope you are feeling better that sounds painful!

  7. Amazing that Stella was smaller than the cat!Looks like she is ready for that ride! Too bad about the aches and pains - it sure does slow down the weaving.

  8. Stella is a charmer, and I'm pretty sure she has latched onto that. Good news on your Subie. We had our truck towed Monday with a blown head gasket and found out today that we won't get it until next Wednesday! Living with one vehicle requires planning!

  9. I know one thing. She certainly is as cute as ever! Looks like cuteness is something she'll never grow out of. :)

  10. I have passed on all your Stella compliments to her. In fact she might need a little model U-Haul to carry around that ego. It does appear that she will retain a fair amount of cute factor. I think JRT in general are all pretty cute, but then again, I think most dogs, large or small have something appealing about them.

    The neck is on the mend, I've been throwing the shuttle with ease. :) Thank you for your well wishes on that front. Like you Sue, this has been a long term ailment/weakness.

    It's nice to have the car back!

  11. Oh my goodness! Just catching up on my blogging friends. Stella has indeed grown up. She has such a pretty face! Sorry to hear about the sore neck and shoulder. Hope you are back in weaving form soon.