Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Studio

Craigslist is such an enabling thing. Just two weeks ago I was thinking that my armoire,
while providing excellent fiber storage, certainly didn't help with counter space.

Wouldn't a large buffet or some such thing be great? Low and behold, the ever willing Craigslist universe provides. I found this lovely solid oak 8 foot long and very tall piece for a very nice price.

My armoire sold the day it was listed and so the weekend was spent cleaning, making room and moving furniture in and out. I lost a little on the fiber storage but gained a ton of counter space.

The drawers provide super storage for my shuttles, bobbins and other geegaw's.

A good trade off and what a lovely piece of furniture the oak buffet is. It gives me pleasure just looking at it.

To back track, Friday was Stella Takes on the World Day, and she certainly did. First stop was the Grange where they know her. She walked in on a leash, got wonderfully excited to see Karen, greeted other customers, invited them to play and just showed what a well adjusted little pup she is. She also showed off her few tricks. Sit and speak and made out well in the treat and toy department too.

Second stop was to meet and greet at the Websters and she didn't embarrass. I worry about all the yarn skeins and balls at Stella's eye level, and then there are the beautiful oriental carpets... But all went well and my good friend Kris got to finally see and cuddle the little imp. During this outing we also did sidewalks, crossing roads, dodging pedestrians and meeting other dogs. Last stop was the dog food store and by then Stella was running out of steam. She rallied though enough to show off a bit and earn a few MORE treats and then it was back in the car on the seat belt harness and off to home. Our only glitch was the amount of treats did her in on the way up the windy mountain road. I was prepared so it was no big deal. She slept until meal time once home.
She's filling up her bed these days that's for sure!

On weaving news I am working on a warp to go on the Hollandia. Gene let me know that the Greensprings Fire & Rescue Harvest Dance wasn't in October but in Septemeber, the 18th to be exact and I need to get some towels done quick quick. I hate when they move stuff around like that! More on the towels a little later. The scarf warp will wait.

Today, I am simply weaving, maybe some spinning and keeping all of us as cool as I can. The temps are expected in the high 90's up here, a record breaker. In the valley they will easily see triple digits. The hot dry ( 10% or less humidity) caused a fire to rip through an Ashland neighborhood yesterday. The story is here for those that might be interested. 11 homes lost. Gene will be staying close to the radio. The fire department is on alert as today is going to be just as dangerous as yesterday. It could only take one spark or carelessly discarded cigarette to ignite the forest with these conditions. Tomorrow we'll see things back in the low 70's for a high and a slight chance of rain coming into the weekend. As they say on Star Trek, "Make it so."


  1. Thread storage! We had that same discussion yesterday at the Center! We are always looking for a better way to do it!!! It sounds like you and Stella had a big day...I bet that she takes a LOT of naps today!

  2. Very nice!!! What a great idea! We put some Red Wing crocks on our Graig's List and didn't hear a thing. Guess it depends on what you have to sell and what area you're in.

  3. Craigslist is da bomb. Mr. Lady does not feel the same. The last thing I bought was...wait for it... a buffet.

    Now I am trolling for IKEA shelving.

    Stella is really filling up that bed!!

  4. Great studio storage you scarfed up on Craig's List!

    My stomach turned when I saw the fire on the 5pm news yesterday - that's exactly the type that scares me the most, quick moving, destroying homes. Thank goodness no one was hurt (according to morning news)but I heard folks were being evacuated out the front door of their homes as the backs were on fire - very scary.

  5. I am with Cindie on how frightening fast that fire popped up. I heard all the sirens and helicopters and saw the smoke on the horizon. We are hunkered down for a scorching hot day today. Twill and I went to dog park and errands early.
    It sounds like Stella had a lovely day out. Always nice to have a happily tired pup. I am looking to Craigs list to furnish my studio up north. Good score for you!

  6. Stella, well, what can I say, I'm now totally in love with her. I don't think I've ever seen a dog that has such an apt expression when she looks at you. She is really much cuter in person, and I could have cuddled her all day long!

    Theresa, if that was darker in color, I'd swear it was my grandmother's buffet. I loved it so much, but was just a kid when it was sold. I still miss it. Maybe that is it, if so I'm glad it has the perfect home!

    I called Carol a bit ago. Her dad's house is in Oak Knoll, about 2-3 blocks away from the fire, I found out this morning. Horrible situation, that fire.

    I'm starting to put my AVL together today. Weaving may be in my future! Maybe! I hope!

  7. OMG that buffet is awesome, Craiglist does rock sometimes. I love the look and heftiness of the new purchase. You done real good!!