Thursday, May 28, 2009

He Came From Outer Space

Okay, Smoochie loves to smile and I was lucky enough to catch this mug yesterday looking up at me. I can't begin to describe the sound effects that go along with this grin but suffice to say they are joyful and plentiful. Gene and I have always referred to the dogs as aliens. They swing between being extremely in tuned with us and their surroundings and then swing to the "What was he/she thinking?" moments. That's Pogo and Charlotte being polite on the floor while Smooch is trying to get me to pick him up.

It is certainly spring in Oregon, a very short one too in which every single bush,tree and wildflower is showing it's stuff. The hills in the valley are purple with vetch and lupins and I mean purple rides over the green like a bright haze. The wild roses are blooming along Highway 66, the dogwoods are putting on their show and very nice up here glowing in the sea of dense evergreens. Wild lilies, trillium and something that looks like Solomon's Seal is blooming, even the Oregon Grape is putting on a bright yellow show. Wild strawberries are peeking out here and there too. Here is some of it.

On other news, the windows have arrived!!! Now, we just need to get them in. I want to move the Murphy Loom out there once it's been enclosed. I can't think of anything more relaxing than watching the season's offerings while weaving on my much loved Murphy.

I have rescheduled my trip. Gene is doing really well, up and active but still on some Advil when his back gets tired. I'm heading to MA on June 2nd so things have gone back to hyper speed. Smoochie, Dennett and Miss Bea have all been victims of my less than impressive summer clip job, but they are cool and clean and don't know that I would flunk out of any grooming competition in heartbeat. Gene even got a summer clip. Heads are easier than wiggly dogs and certainly than kicking bleating goats!

I have two prayer flags woven on the warp and a few more to do. I might have time today to finish the weaving. Not sure how it will go.

 Over Memorial day weekend I had time to put a few rides on the various steeds and had a wonderful time on all. Such a good group of horses. I marvel at their talents and kindness. Nick I took on a walk, like I did when he was a baby. We leave on a lead rope and once past the farm proper I let him off leash so to speak. He can graze while I walk and always follows. In fact if I get out of sight he comes racing to where I am and usually gets a treat for his efforts. None of my horses are as tuned in to me being lead mare as he is.  Out on a trail Cooper will stay close but around home, that wise old bird knows just where he is and if the grass is good I can walk alone. ;-)

The sock has come along slowly, but the heel turn has been done and now we're knitting towards the toe. I am loving this yarn.

 These are also for my Dad but another pair will be started in a different color for my Mom and she too has requested a cashmere scarf! Once the flags are off when I'm back, Ill do up some wonderful confection for her. I have cashmere on order already.

Lest you think I have dropped the ball on shopping, I haven't! I did miss the great sale at Web-sters due to Gene's injury but found some interesting cotton ribbon yarn when I poked through the store yesterday.

  Filatura Di Crosa Malva 85% cotton and 15% polymide. I can see this woven up as a couple of colorful summer wraps. The colors sucked me right in. I love that they run in a linear fashion instead of a variegated way.


  1. Wow! You've got a lot on your plate - but seem to keep it all in balance. Glad to hear Gene is getting better. Have a great trip to MA! What a great smile on Smoochie!

  2. Great to hear that your trip is back on!!! You'll be munching on lobster in no time!

    Any chance that the windows will magically get installed while you're away? I still tease Jim about the time he booked a team to install hardwood floors at our old house. Then somehow ended up in Europe on a business trip for the entire week of installation. Lucky (smart?) guy!

    I like your description of spring in Oregon....especially how it seems like everything tries to bloom all at once. It seems like that here also!

    What a cute dog smile!!

    That sock yarn is really cool! I love how the color is changing so gradually!!

    And your new yarn purchase looks beautiful. I look forward to seeing what your creative mind comes up with for it!!

    Glad Gene is doing better!!


  3. Jennifer,

    I will pass along your compliment to Smoochie. The plate is quickly becoming empty. I can only do what I can do.

    Sue, yes lobsters are on the menu a number of times and I would love it if the windows magically installed themselves. There is always hope.

    It is very cool sock yarn. My favorite so far and I've done a fair number of socks. Note to self: Buy more.

    I have a few ideas for the new tape yarn, the stuff is just dang nifty. I would like to try weaving a shawl with pointed ends and have something I want to try to do it. We'll see how it goes.

    I'm glad Gene is up and doing better too, believe me!

    Smoochie is going to need a Uhaul to tow around all that ego when I tell him how much everyone liked his smile!

  4. Theresa,

    Two fiber events might be happening when you're in MA.

    That Hub Mills Yarn Store in Lowell (where they have the 20% off pricing on Classic Elite Yarn), has a 20% off sale June 4 - 6 (Thurs - Sat) on all yarn, books and bags. Hours are:
    Thursday 12:00 - 7:00

    Friday 9:30 - 4:30

    Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

    Also in Lowell, but a later weekend, the American Textile History Museum is having their grand re-opening on June 21. However, it looks like they opened part of the museum on May 17.

    Both events are in the same city, but not the same weekend.


  5. Wow - I almost had a diet coke come thru the nose on that photo of
    Smoochie. All the other photos are lovely but I keep going back to the dog! Smoochie should be on a billboard or smothing!

  6. Smoochie looks like something from Icanhacheezeburger - pretty silly dog. I am really attracted to the prayer flags but haven't been reading your blog long to have a history and didn't see them when I went back. I'd like to know more about them.

  7. Hi Theresa, Susan from Thrums directed me to your lovely blog. I am enjoying catching up on your posts. I am a weaver moving to Ashland from Washington State in September. At the moment we are bouncing around the coast. Just thought I would say hi. -Renee